Monday, May 15, 2017

In the Meantime

As I cannot restore the land
that has been fracked,
or the fields whose topsoil has blown away,
been poisoned and depleted,
may I plant a few small blooming things
on my  tiny porch,
to offer the Earth Mother
blessings and thanks.

As it is beyond my ability,
to cleanse the earth and the ocean
of its garbage, its plastic pollution,
its chemicals and debris,
may I carry with me a bag
in which to pick up litter
on my walks,
to tidy what, at least,
my two hands can carry.

Since I cannot provide a home
to rescue the millions of abused,
homeless, hungry and abandoned dogs,
let me borrow a dog and take her for walks,
so at least I can add that small bit of happiness
to a fur creature's day.

Since I cannot single-handedly
stop the slaughter and the extinction
of the world's beautiful wild creatures,
let my voice be heard
on every petition, at every opportunity,
in support of their protection.

As it is out of my ken
to fathom the unspeakable disaster
of the way this world is being run
by those in power,
may I join with others and
Resist, Resist, Resist,
until the tide is turned back
from darkness and unkindness
to the light of love and justice.

"As Mother Earth feels our pain,
let her feel our joy too."
May our brightness shine
upon the darkness that surrounds,
accelerating the transformation
of human consciousness,
add what caring, what kindness,
what positives we can.
May we stand strong in our belief
that there are more good people
than dark-hearted ones
in this old world.

Yes, We Can!

The quote is from friend and activist Valerie Langer, who has devoted her life to working for and defending Mother Earth.


  1. Love this! It has the feeling of hope.
    Each one of us can do our share to show our love and support of those who are joining for our Mother.


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