Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lost Shoe Creek

I lost my heart
at Lost Shoe Creek;
handed it to an hombre
I had yet to meet,
who never showed up
on his own two feet
to claim it,
frame it,
or name it.

So I straggled over
to Canoe Crick,
set forth up the rapids
that were roiling quick.
To help me,
no fellow paddler dear.
I had one dented paddle
with which to steer.
When the bears came close,
I got addled
and skedaddled.

At Cat's Ear Creek,
the willows were listening
to my lovelorn song,
my tears a-glistening.
Strummed my banjo
with a mournful air.
There was no true love
waiting there.

Put in at the saloon
at Hornswoggle Holler.
There were ladies fair,
both bigger and smaller,
vying for the hombres
with their tilted hats,
and I was not
all right with that.
So I do-si-do'ed
to the tune of the caller.
Though I danced real fast,
my hopes grew smaller.
Then one winked at me
with a slow-melt grin,
do-si-do'ed me out
and then back in.
We passed each other on the right,
back to back our troth did plight.
I had met the one
I'd forever foller.
I fair lost my heart
at Hornswoggle Holler.

LOL. I seem to have channeled an inner female Cowpoke in this one. I passed a couple of these creek names on my trip to Port Alberni this morning, and I jotted their names down, deciding it might be fun to see where they would take me.


  1. This is adorable. :)

    My favorite:
    "Then one winked at me
    with a slow-melt grin"

  2. you are obviously enjoying life. It sings out in your words and touches me.

  3. Aw shucks. I was kind of hoping this was true.

  4. So much fun in the anticipation and the unexpected!


  5. Love ❤️ ❤️ This Sherry...bkm

  6. Sing it in a honky tonk. I still think about the shoe I left in a hotel in Washington D.C. I love the word "lovelorn."

  7. Is this where Cinderella lost her shoe, Sherry :))


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