Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Raging Grannies

Raging Grannies of Victoria, B.C.

We may look like
grey-haired little old ladies,
but make no mistake.
Our hearts are warriors
for Life.
The grannies are raging 
in the northern hemisphere.
We are growling and muttering
as we watch the evening news.
We are calling each other up, to say
"Can you  believe what he's done now?"

We have been subversive in 
our lives and in our language.
We have penned things on our blogs
and know we are likely on a list somewhere.
Somewhere there is a computer earmarking 
the use of words like "direct action" and "Resist,"
"Radical" and "Blockade."

And now we are getting off 
(and going off) our rockers,
and taking to the streets. 
We are riled up, gnarly, determined, snarly.
We are putting on our loud clothing 
and our strange hats,
and we are marching.
We are standing at the steps
of Legislature,
well and truly fed up,
and we are singing 
"We Will Not Be Moved."

How many times have we 
marched and sung,
in our lives,
and now we have to do it
all over again.
No rest, 
when all is wicked.

In summation:
the ruling classes could not have made 
a bigger mess of things.
Stand aside, orange creature
with bad hair;
back away slowly, 
corporate rapists of the earth.
You've had your chance, you leaders 
too weak (or too rich) to oppose them, 
who put profit before people,
profit before environment,
profit before planetary survival
every single time.

Earth to Capitalism:
There are No Jobs
On a Dead Planet.

Step aside, 
and let the women 
have a go at it.
We'd start with Earth First,
and go on from there.

for Paul Scribbles' cool prompt at dVerse: Underground


  1. Oh we do need more underground movements... long live the grassroots.

  2. When you said, "Can you believe what HE's done now." I thought you were thinking of Manchester and were going to say "THEY've".

    I my country, both parties ARE the ruling class. Corporations-Common-Culture-Religion-Military-Goverment they are one unit each needing and supporting each other.

    The planet is just fine, by the way.
    Earth is fine.
    Life is fine.
    Humans, on the other hand, like organisms before them, are shitting themselves to death.

    I agree, women would do better. But for that, like Bonobos we probably have to genetically manipulate Sapiens so the males don't bond.

    That is my solution. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone and keep resisting. Someone may figure it out.

    1. Lol. With "he" I was referring to the man with strange hair, who is giving a lot of us hives. I hear you re the ruling classes. With only two parties, being polarized, it must make it hard to get things done. But then government seems to have trouble doing that no matter what. Long-term, Earth may be fine...she can heal, given the chance. Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. Amen to that Grannie's clarion call. I adored this. Had me clapping and whooping in my chair.

  4. After watching the movie Snowden I assume we are all on someone's list. I liked the gnarly/snarly rhymes.

  5. What a great read, Sherry. Granny's Unite!!!

  6. You go, Girl! :)
    And we'll all hope to be right there with you.

  7. Thank you so much for bringing the grannies to our attention. (see - I told of people working for us)

  8. It's Time ! Women must take the lead if the planet is to survive !

  9. YOU GO GIRLS!!! GRANNIES UNITED! I'M WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Love your take on the prompt. I've seen the "Purple Hat" ladies in and around Boston -- I'm thinking we need a Granny Group like this!

  10. Yay! Go, grannies, go! Love this.

  11. Grannies are so essential in life! But for them, we would have no refuge in crises and children won't learn so many little tricks and stories ...


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