Sunday, May 7, 2017

Of Wolves and Rivers

The lovely coastal wolves of Vargas Island
are in danger due to human-induced conflict.
Paul Nicklen photos, National Geographic

When the wolves come back
to the mountains,
trees grow,
rivers change their course,
vegetation blooms
and all the animals prosper.

When the wolves come back
to the mountains,
birds sing,
and bears grow fat.

Let we humans stay away
from the mountains and national parks.
Let's send in the wolves,
to heal and bless the land.

If we withdrew our excessive demands and encroachment, and gave nature some time, she would heal. 

Just a few weeks ago here, a pack of wolves was active along the wild beaches. I worried as, in other places I have lived, such activity usually resulted in death of the animals. Here, however, they closed the beaches for a week and encouraged the wolves to move along. An intelligent and respectful response.

On facebook, there is a brief and visually lovely video about the trophic effect that the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone has had on the landscape and wildlife. Frustratingly, I cant figure out how to insert the video here, but this is the link. It is really beautiful, short and edifying. We need more wolves, less human meddling with nature.

for Real Toads at Play It Again, Toads, where I am responding to a prompt by Hannah Gosselin about Transforming Nature's Wonders.


  1. I'm so glad they closed the beach. Baby Puppy and I did a lot of research of the beneficial effects of re-introducing wolves to Yellowstone. It was such a successful project; I wish more places would follow that example.

  2. honeybees, wolves, birds and so many more. What we do to them we do to ourselves.

  3. Nice people, Sherry. Here they complain when wild things are running where they want to drill for oil. I can't imagine them closing a beach for the wolves.

  4. I feel awareness about animals is slowly improving..when it comes to wild animals we're still heavyhanded.

  5. Ohhhh Sherry. It is hard to read this and not feel just deflated, as I have no faith in humans doing the right thing for the earth and certainly not for animals. Love those photos though, and the story of your beach closing. Imagine!


    so very true, Sherry ~

  7. So very very true... Nature can heal..

  8. Here in SF we are doing very good, as packs of wolfs are moving into our parks. Great poem.

  9. Sadly, too often, we let our fears rule the decisions that we make, upon the environment around us. With shoot first, ask later policy, to the wildlife, who we have invaded their home territory.


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