Saturday, May 6, 2017

Love Into Art

source Andrew Ty

As fish long to walk on the shore,
and men yearn to take to the sky,
so has your radiant glow
always captured
my eye.

So far out of reach as you are,
I have long hid my love from afar,
as the day turns away from the moon,
and the sun from
a star.

All these years I have loved your bright heart,
though we've lived worlds and lifetimes apart.
Though you might never know
love that I'll never show,
I have turned loving you
into art.

One from 2016, friends, shared with the Poetry Pantry, where there is always good reading on a Sunday morning. 


  1. Art and love are very compatible dancers--they affect everyone differently, and we only feel/see what speaks to us in both.

  2. men to yearn to take to the sky, I often wish I had wings, it must be glorious to see from a new perspective free from constraints.

  3. Art is loving and Loving is art, Sherry. This is such a sweet musing, I'm smiling right now.

  4. The feelings this stirs up - and memories! Both of a younger me, tongue-tied around boys who struck my fancy and of an older woman who understands the beauty that happens when love and art mingle.

  5. Love this.. how art can truly touch our heart, your use of rhyme here make this a wonderful read.

  6. Luv the hankering to step out of self striving with positive energy

    Happy Sunday Sherry

    Much love...

  7. A most exquisite write, Sherry ❤️

  8. Love is an an art indeed! I enjoyed the rhymes & rhythm of this poem, so lyrical :)

  9. This poem has a delightful cadence. It needs to be read aloud!

  10. Why thank you Dear, I always knew hehehe
    Ps: that was a beautiful piece.

  11. Lifetimes and countries apart.Not Garon then:)

  12. There is nothing like a positive message to start one's day and guide us on. Thank you.

  13. This one's a gem. I like its cosmology related to love and art.

  14. Aah a romantic piece..lovely.

  15. A delightful little read that packs a lot of truth and wisdom. Love and art do entwine. Indeed, love entwines with so many things that touch our heart and soul: nature, nurture, sensuality - golly, the list is endless. Well, love does make the world go round (so I've heard). Good one, Sherry!

  16. Love is an art that awakens our hearts,


  17. This is a delight - almost song-like. (I could definitely dance to it.)

  18. There is so much to love here on Earth, I just can't understand why there is so much hate here as well until I remember how greedy so many of us are.

  19. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle sprang to mind as I read.. (U2)

  20. Love and art will touch the inner most nooks in oneself. It will bring a realization that things of value will never vary if one cares!



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