Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Infants of Spring

Lunabella at the Beach

It is spring.
The world is blooming with babies:
goats, puppies, kittens, birds,
and with baby humans,
pushed proudly in prams
by their smiling moms.

And my granddaughter cries,
her heart cleaving in two
at the sight,
as three babies slip
from her womb,
one after the other,
in their earliest weeks,
along with all of the
dreams and promises
that accompanied their

She does not know how
the story will end.
I do not know how
the story will end.
But I breathe her my hope.
I shower her with dreams,
with faith, with belief
in happy outcomes.

The world is blooming with babies,
jut not yet for her.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Childbirth, from a new perspective.


  1. Luv your breath of hope and shower of dreams. And from me too

    Much love...

  2. OH, Oh, oh ... my. Powerful, heart wrenching, amazing poem. This poem relates as well to my niece in law and a BFF. Both had happy outcomes after the ones that didn't come to term. So may it be. Wow. Thank you.

  3. Oh this touched my heart and made me remember how painful it is to lose a baby or babies. I know from personal experience that there is hope even if doctors don't give it. I wish your granddaughter the very best.
    (Can't believe Lunabella is already that tall. So beautiful.)

  4. Hope, Spring, and babies all a common theme indeed. Love this Sherry! Thank you for your kind words at my FB post. You are a dear friend and an amazing poet!

  5. The story touches my heart. Prayers for the story to unfold in the best possible way.

  6. Such a sweet and tender song to renewal. Thank you.

  7. How I weep for her too, has she thought about IVF?

  8. such a world they are being born to ~

  9. May your granddaughter find the answer, to her miscarriages, Sherry, so love may blossom, in her heart, as well.

  10. She has your soul Sherry - it sings like your words in the photograph

  11. How sad Sherry,.Hopefully she will be lucky next itme.

  12. Ah, it's such an emotionally charged poem, Sherry! Please keep her dreams alive....your presence, compassion, and kindness is what's crucial.
    Best wishes as you comfort your granddaughter.

  13. Positive energy sent to you and yours. Beautifully delicate words, Sherry,


  14. "Her heart cleaving in two"! Mind blowing words.


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