Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sad Eyes

Is there anything
in this world
than the eyes
of a circus bear?

Does he remember
baby days when he 
roamed the forest,
scratched his back on big trees,
caught fish
in the river?

In his cage at night,
does he remember
other bears,
tall grass,
the feel of the wind
in his face?
When he dreams,
does he dream
of freedom
or captivity?

Is there anything
more unnatural
than a bear on a bicycle?
Yet when he resists,
he is beaten.
When he roars,
he is whipped.

The people in the audience
laugh as he pedals past.
But deep down,
there is shame.
For there is nothing
sadder in this world
than the eyes of a circus bear.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Bicycles, Tricycles and Unicycles


  1. I've never seen a circus bear, and after reading your poem, I'm glad of it!

  2. I second MMT. But must thank you for the video and the hope it brings to one who loves the wild things.


  3. Voices have heard you. Circuses with animals are no longer permitted in many states. Ringling Bros is scheduled to close.

  4. I just hate to see animals in circuses..anywhere in captivity for that matter, unless it is a proper conservation programme.. your poem is sensitive and should be read by so many more.

  5. I have never seen the act, but I feel the shame of which you speak. At times of depression in my life when I felt I was getting nowhere, my image was a bear balancing on a ball. Somehow the circus ring and the bicycle makes it worse.

  6. Your poem and supporting video are heartbreaking. Thank you Sherry

    Much love...

  7. It saddens me to remember the circuses that came to our town after WW2 and we kids witnessed such spectacles as you describe.

  8. We can be spectacularly cruel to the animals who enrich the world.. you really made me feel for that poor old bear

  9. I hate animals in cages or enclosures. Its not fun for me, and all I see is sadness in their eyes.

  10. You hit it out of the park on this one!!!! There is nothing sadder.

  11. You hit it out of the park on this one!!!! There is nothing sadder.

  12. That's animal abuse, and the saddest part is the animal has no chance to fight back!! So true..! Though life is uncertain in the wild, it's highly preferable to solitary confinement and daily beatings!!
    No living creature should suffer. All causes deserve our attention and resources. Thanks for this insightful poem, Sherry! LOVED it!

  13. This tore at my heart, Sherry. I am only thankful that I was never witness to this cruelty.

  14. This is so touching, Sherry, and so true. Even if the animals are well fed, they're taken from their natural habitat and caged.

  15. This is a sad world which in these cases will never get better. Certain cases get helped which is wonderful but for every animal saved, there are more suffering and dying all because of us. When I saw "us" I mean the human race. When it comes to an intelligent people capable of so much, we are a disgusting race that only seek to serve ourselves and that's a sad fact.

  16. I have never liked the circus. Humans are very cruel. Not surprising we are cruel to animals when we are always trying to kill each other in some form or other.


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