Friday, January 10, 2014

When Death Comes

Tree Orb

[A re-post from July, 2011, kids,
and linked to Margaret's challenge at Real Toads,
to write to the orb art of Deborah Glassner]

When death comes,
I will miss most: sunrise,
and a new day
for a hopeful fresh beginning;
standing at the edge of the sea,
listening to the cry of the gulls
and the ocean's roar;
the way the mist curls and spirals
through the treetops
on the side of Lone Cone,
and how it lifts by late morning
to reveal the day,
all the little boats 
bobbing out to sea;
the way the light 
changes to rich amber
in late afternoon,
and then sunset arrives,
to dazzle my eyes,
as all the little boats
come back home.

I'll miss birdsong and herons, 

picky-toeing their way

along the mudflats,
and eagles circling overhead
at the beach, surfing the 
wind-currents  of sky,
and white seabirds wheeling free
over shining waters.

I'll miss dogs, and babies,
and old people,
all of whom understand
the meaning of life.
I'll miss whales, 
breaching in Ahous Bay,
the sound of their spouting
like the whispered voice of God;
and the everness of the eternal waves,
in and out, in and out,
as I look down the miles of sandy beach
stretching to  forever,
not a human in sight.

I'll miss wolves, their howls
in the forest at night,
and the yipping of their pups,
under a full round
Grandmother Moon.

I'll miss stars and the mystery 
of the black spaces in between,
and wondering about the
other worlds up there,
in this universe of darkness,
that is just  waiting
to be illuminated.

I'll miss rivers that take  my heart along
on their journey to the sea,
and mountains, and echoing canyons
that trap the sun's warmth,
and waterfalls, tumbling down the slopes,
and rain, its gentle mist falling on
the grateful, nodding blooms
like kisses.

I'll miss it all, but will love
all the remembering,
as I pass through the portal
from life to whatever comes after,
of the  thirty thousand days, 
or so,
that all of this
was mine.


  1. It's neat that you love so much about life, nature and lots more I suspect. It souds likea lot of time, but it isn't. Enjoy every minute--thanks for the remindr.

  2. i wonder when we get there if we will really miss these things...or will they be light of where we are...will there be even greater delights....i will miss similar things though...nature mostly...

  3. lovely pen, Sherry. I also miss those, even now while (allegedly) alive ~

  4. you wrote on something that I have been thinking about... what will I miss? and what will I not miss?

  5. Oh, Sherry. This is stunning and beautiful and better be a long way off. Honestly, one of the orbs in my challenge today would be lovely here - one of the nature ones perhaps? I said the poem were to be new, but I make an exception for you as I would love this linked to my challenge :)

    1. Stunning header photo, too! I can see why you love it so.

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  7. I think of the same things, mi amiga, when it will be my time to walk through that portal.

    I have been preparing myself, intellectually and spiritually, to accept this to be a temporal sojourn and that all this beauty and wonderment is here for me to observe and appreciate and I must release its hand when time comes

  8. When it is my last day I hope to look back and say I am happy I lived & have no regrets about what I did not do. When I die, there will be nothing more for me to miss, but I hope I will be missed. I do think we need to use each day and appreciate the people and places that are around us, not missing anything each day of our life.

  9. I remember this one. It's one of my favorites. Glad to reread it. So full of beauty. i hope when the time comes I'll dwell on some of the things you mentioned knowing I'll miss them, but grateful to have seen and experienced them.
    Have a fun weekend Sherry.

  10. Are you sure that you must leave these things behind? Why is that? Love is eternal. Where do you think you'll be rushing to?

  11. This is such a life-affirming poem, Sherry, even as you acknowledge death. I love your heron picky-toeing and the whales whispering in the voice of God, and the black parts of space... All so beautifully expressed.

  12. All this to be missed which means you are now enjoying it and taking the time to notice all around you!

  13. You chose the most perfect orb image to accompany the poem ... I look at the photograph and see brain death, bleeding out. Morbid, yes. You took me there!! I will miss all you speak of Sherry.

    Lovely poem, I missed first time around.

  14. I someone knew you would chose this tree orb ~ This was beautifully written sherry, it lifted up as I stared out from this foggy snowing and grey afternoon ~ Beautiful share ~

  15. Thanks for the journey through all this beauty of nature, where you got me. I do miss it now already, hope to reunite in future with waves and seagulls...

  16. Beautiful, I will miss this beautiful earth as well.

  17. You capture the awe in authentic voice and mystery so beautifully, Sherry. Mighty-mighty piece here...truly a work of the heart.

    "I'll miss dogs, and babies,
    and old people,
    all of whom understand
    the meaning of life."

  18. When it'll come upon me, what will I miss most...I think it'll be the rhythm of my heart, when I see my love smiling back at me, and the fluff it'll floats in, when I see twinkles in the eyes of my darlings.

    How have you been Sherry ?.... smiles

  19. Lovely. I do not happen what happens after when we breathe our last but having such delights to miss is indeed marvelous. Beautifully penned.

  20. Good Grief...with all those days where are you going? Sounds like your cashing in :-) I'm hoping to break even myself

  21. not for a long time though...and it sounds as if you are enjoying the vast amount of time before death comes.

  22. Lovely Sherry and what does this poem tell us most? Namely how richly and with true feeling and resonance you have lived your life so far - inspirational... Thank you Scott

  23. I think of Grandmother Moon taking you by the hand, and showing you that all these things are still yours to love.

  24. very beautiful!! simply beautiful!

  25. This is beautiful Sherry and a reminder to take in all we can of life.


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