Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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Wikipedia says "Clouds are a visible mass 
of water droplets  suspended in the atmosphere 
above the surface  of a planetary body."

Transporter of my dreams, 
you sail, white horses,
night-riding against an indigo sky,
shimmery veil effacing Sister Moon.

Like swans, you serenely swim
my summer sky,
or pile up thunderheads
before the lightning cracks,
the thunder rolls,
then you let loose 
that first sibilant hiss of rain,
accompanied by the metallic smell
rain only has at that moment,
taking me back to childhood
and my grandma's porch,
where we enjoyed 
the afternoon thunder's 
rolling roar.

You decorate my sky with beauty,
differently each day,
drawing my eyes
always upwards,
so as not to miss
the display.

When the moon is full,
I stand, small, 
admiring your curves,  
all shot with silver,
sky made mysterious
and beautiful,
moving, and alive,
with your presence.


My friends, 
sometimes we look out
of a small window,
and we think the gray clouds 
seem to cover
the whole sky.

Let's remember
to always choose
the biggest window
to see through-
the clouds are there,
but now we can see 
how many patches of blue
are up there, too.

for the Poetry Jam prompt: Clouds


  1. I do love the way the clouds decorate the sky with beauty, Sherry, and they transport my dreams too. There are definitely SO many wonderful reasons to look up in the sky each day. I do like the idea of choosing the biggest window to look through.

  2. Clouds : in summer they are a good news, drenching earth with rain.

  3. smiles...yes sometimes we miss the blue for all the clouds...i like it painting you skin...it does make for some pretty cool shadows at times....and the moon def makes them very cool as well...

  4. I needed to be reminded of the blue today when the grey seems endless.

  5. interesting how an indigo sky with powder puffs splayed about bring the soul a certain feeling or gray clouds set a mood within or oceans or trees sprinkled about in a vast plain give rise to the soul a certain way. this is proof evident that we are intra-linked

    wonderful feel, mi amiga

  6. as Shelley says: The fountains mingle with the rivers/the rivers with the oceans/ the winds of heaven mix forever/ with a sweet emotion.
    Nothing in this world is single/ all things by a law devine/into one anothers being, mingle/ why not I with thine?

  7. I like both of these Sherry. Love the cloud descriptions in the first and the idea of the biggest window--so important to remember.

  8. love the clouds as decorative pieaces and how the biggest window takes us to them....

  9. White Horses - i love this, takes me back to my youth when i saw as this. Great poem, a window to creation.

  10. Beautiful skies are gifts to the eyes. I also like the idea of clouds being transporters of dreams.

  11. lovely images. Last summer we saw a lot of huge thunderous clouds and storms. It was so amazing to see them coming over us.

  12. "I've looked at clouds from both sides now...

  13. luv the decor lines; have a nice Wednesday (◕‿◕。)

    much love...

  14. No more looking out the same window on cloudy days! I'm finding a bigger window to find the sun!
    Hope you are making some headway in your cleaning of all the soot today! So sorry you are having to deal with such a mess!

  15. Oh, dear... what happened (I read Robyn's comment)?

    Anyway, this is a delightful offering, Sherry. = )

  16. Well, of course you would write something beautiful about clouds. You and nature are fused in an admiration society. I loved the poem, and will heed the advice.
    What's this about soot?

  17. Loved the line: taking me back to childhood
    and my grandma's porch,

    Such a beautiful place to go back to. I return there often.

  18. decorate the sky that is so nice for that is just what they do

  19. Sherry, your poem brought back memories and images of the countless times I've observed clouds, rain, thunder ... from a porch swing. Thank you.

  20. They are really different every day, and I love the blue background too. ~ Peaceful poem. Love.

  21. I just sighed after reading your poem of beauty in the clouds and nature. Lovely, serene moment in time.

  22. Lovely poem, Sherry, with a bright, optimistic message!

  23. Very beautifully crafted. I don't know if the alliteration you used was intentional, but the repetition of the "s" sounds works so well here. A lovely response to the prompt --- and important advice to follow!


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