Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Walk in the Fog

Somass River, in fog,
where it enters the Alberni inlet.
Being a valley ringed by mountains,
we get a great deal of fog in fall and winter.

This is where the highway heads towards Tofino. 
The sign lists the number of miles - 119 -
to the place of my dreams and it was so hard 
not to head my little beater -
whose bumper sticker proudly proclaims 
'I Love Tofino" - 
up and over the mountain pass.

Where Stamp and Sproat (pronounced "sprout")  Rivers 
join to form the Somass 

My little sidekick in his new shades,
practicing some of his fancy "moves"

Sproat Lake campground and park in fog it begins to lift....

A small sojourner, in reverie
at the water's edge

A patch of blue, on its way.....

One last look......

then back to the river, and home.

When I took the final shot of the river, I was behind a huge fat-trunked old growth tree. As I emerged, Sebastian said to me, "I couldn't see you...........but I could see your hair!" and cracked me right up. Is he saying Wild Woman has Big Hair??

It did feel good to be out in nature today. Even without my big black dog.


  1. Wonderful photographs !! and the lines are perfectly complimenting the pictures ...:-)

  2. ha. you had quite the adventure eh? and the fog made it all the more mysterious....but def did not seem to get in the way...

  3. Actually the fog made the pictures more glad you had such a nice adventure with your little sidekick, Sherry.

  4. I love seeing you in this setting with the little guy. Your hair halo and spirit and the fog introduce the mysteries to him and his play does something for you too. This feels quite relaxed.

  5. i love fog and damp, dreariness. your sidekick is being shown the world by a big-haired wild goddess. a good deal:)

  6. Breath takingly beautiful!

    Say how do I get your daily posts delivered to me? I think that Google Blogger has a Widget that says: :sign up to receive posts from this blog."

  7. Sherry, what beautiful photos. And what a lovely place. Love your sidekick. Nice that you expose him to nature.

  8. I love this post, Sherry! All the foggy scenes are so mysterious and mystical, and your grandson is adorable! :)

  9. Thank you for sharing your bit of paradise with us, Sherry. And what a wonderful companion!

  10. you gave him magic... and magic hair! :) ~

  11. looks like you enjoyed that walk in the fog… that little sidekick of yours is really cute. have a nice day, sherry!


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