Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ice Fishing in Canada, eh?

My newest granddog, Smokey, ice fishing

with his mom, Zenny

and pop, Jon, ice fishing at Pasquale Lake.

Jon has been an intrepid fisherman and camper since his boyhood.
Now  he lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, where the wind chill hovers 
at minus 50, through very long winters. But he is still out there fishing 
- ice fishing -
which, loosely translated, is one hole and one pole, 
good boots, a lot of long underwear and patience.

Smokey loves fish on his crunchies,
so Zenny told Jon,
"Catch all the fish you can!"

This looks very cold and frozen.
The structures are ice fishing tents.
Jon just got himself one,
which seems a pretty good idea.
Hot coffee would be the next!

Puppy is getting tired
after this expedition.

He was likely pretty happy
to get home where it is warm and eat some 
of that tasty fish.

He is so adorable.


  1. Wow! Respect those people on ice! Smokey indeed very cute and shy :) Thanks for sharing !

  2. he is adorable...and i think i would like to try ice fishing at least once in long as the ice did not crack under me...smiles...

  3. ...aww, smokey is so cute... wanna give that harmless look a super hug.... ok, i am envious already... smiles...

  4. He is adorable - and that looks like a pretty cool life--I'm sure the winter's get long--but must also be just amazing. Thanks for sharing. k.

  5. that's one cute grandpuppy :) ~

  6. this just desuaded me into writing about the cold winters edge here. I think i will instead get me a hot chocolate and my oatmeal and sit by my fireplace and read. i'll think good thoughts of you and for you, mi amiga

  7. He is a cute puppy and looks like a great helper, and deserves his fish!

  8. I enjoyed this story, Sherry. You wouldn't get me ice fishing for anything. But Smokey looks like he enjoys it & is a good dog for Jon's lifestyle!! (And a cutie too.)

  9. now that is Canadian spirit.. you can't do anything with the weather so just go out and have fun... :)

  10. Gorgeous! Gotta hand it to you Canadians, though..Intrepid bunch quite at home in the snow and ice.


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