Friday, January 17, 2014

For Love of the Sea

Kids, this oceanographer, who has studied and actually lived in  the ocean throughout her life, conveys her message so simply and convincingly, I can't imagine anyone not being moved by it. Here are two important minutes for your contemplation.


  1. As a scientist I am so very happy to see this. As a human I live in the same fear as you. Throwing money at the problem isn't the solution. Willingly doing the responsible thing of honoring nature, taking responsibility for learnng how to not harm the environment and acting accordingly, and taking an active role in conserving our resources will suffice. Oh and teaching our friends and neighbors to do the same. We all share the burden. Thank you!

  2. the solutions are just needs to be done...

  3. Nice Sherry. I like her words that the power still exists to leave the world a better place. There's hope in those words.
    Hope you're well. Have a good weekend.

  4. the only problem is that those that will watch or hear are those that care...and the ones that need to hear it never will you know...even still i am glad you recognize it and share it...smiles.

  5. The feelings of urgency but not hopelessness give us a little comfort. Now there needs to be lots of work on drumming up awareness. Nicely Sherry!


  6. this is the result of the crazy men running the world, and it is in fact men in positions of authority, demented by money and power, who will not heed any warning because of their disease. awareness of what time it is is important and so is some sort of action. this action of posting this video i thank you for.

  7. she's an important voice. if you haven't seen her TED talk, it's worth the bandwidth: ~

  8. Hi
    Love Sylvia Earle and her work. Unfortunately, as someone may have already mentioned, she is preaching to the choir. Others won't listen to her. Sad state of affairs. Dick keeps talking about retiring overseas, but it's not us I'm worried about, it's the youngsters. I'm beginning to think the doom-and-gloomers are right and the world really is coming to an end, and people only have themselves to blame.
    Luv, K


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