Monday, January 6, 2014

Carrying the World in Our Hearts

photo by Chris Lowther, Tofino

The following was inspired by "I carry your heart with me - I carry it in my heart" by e.e.cummings, one of my fave poems, posted at My Heart's Love Songs yesterday by Dani.

Let us carry the world
in our hearts:
let us care for
the cleanliness of the air,
what we put into its 
shining and life-giving waters.

Let us tend to the earth
like a lover,
nurturing, watering, caring
for each growing, alive and
miraculously living thing.

Let us look up to the sun
-and the rain, and the wind and the sky-
with gratitude.
Let us bless the wind
for blowing,
and the mountains 
for being still.

Let us carry the world
in our hearts,
so that we never add
another hurtful thing to its distress.
Let us soothe its wounds,
and heal it, by planting 
new seeds and trees
in every empty spot.


  1. This is a most necessary call to all inhabitants of Earth. Unless we carry the world, we stand to lose everything.

  2. Each word and each line so wonderful! Rules for responsible living....

  3. great theme Sherry.. until everyone does the human race will continue on it's rocky path...

  4. i wish more would hear the call to carry the world in their might help us make decisions that are better for the whole...annell used an important word...responsible...

    its great to see dani again as well...

  5. Yes, we must call attention to the notion that we are all responsible not just for our physical presence on this earth but also the space around it and the readial space our space affects. If we would come to this realization, imagine the space that could be preserved for all other life around us as well as the space restored for our progeny.

    Lovely, mi amiga

  6. Sherry, I hope many more will hear this call. They say you are what you eat...I would add when it come s to our world...You are what you leave behind.

  7. Oh yes please let us...let us carry the world in our hearts and leave behind a beautiful place. Lovely Sherry!

  8. Amen; well said. I agree wholeheartedly.

  9. May such pure thoughts touch every heart ........

  10. Beautiful! I have missed you and your gorgeous view

  11. Let us all make of this a living prayer.
    You are the priestess of nature, to me Sherry.

  12. When the weather is as it is you are reminded of the world we live it largely goes unnoticed..we should indeed treat it as a living, beautiful being..

  13. A wonderful message for the new year, Sherry. Yes, we definitely should carry the world in our hearts.

  14. A wondeful call both to action and non-action. K.


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