Saturday, January 4, 2014

Trees on the Move

Come into my forest. Sit.
Close your eyes.
Then open them, fast.

Did you see the tree trunks settling,
hear the rustle of the mosses?

Try again.
Listen for the tiptoes,
as the trees lift up their scruffy skirts
and trip across the forest floor,
like gigantic fairies, 
playing Mother, May I.

When we're not here,
they do this 
all the time.

The trees,
to save their lives,
have learned
to move.
They flee, in packs,
across the river
to evade the loggers' saws.
They learned, 
from the ones who were caught,
to be quick when they hear
the big trucks rolling in.

These few are safe,
within this park.
When we're not here,
not looking with our Awakened eyes,
they are happy, and dancing.
And practicing,
in case they need
to flee.

Kerry at Real Toads has set us the task of writing a poetic fantasy, inspired by Tolkien, Carroll or Milne. I remember my DELIGHT, watching  Lord of the Rings, when the trees began their walk across the forest floor. I thought I might re-visit that again.


  1. Yes, those talking & walking trees are something else in LOTR ~ I believe that they do so, when we are not around ~ Appreciate your reminders about caring for our trees ~

  2. great poem and very apt for where you live...

  3. Well reasoned and well thought of! It's good to put some time on a 'save the trees' cause Wonderful write Sherry!


  4. I loved those scenes too. But not as much as this poem where the trees lift their skirts in Mother, May I when they have no need to flee or fight!

  5. ah, now that is some cool nature magic you wove...i like the thought of magical trees....and if only they moved a bit faster...though i would be afraid they might run away and hide from us...

  6. Trees definitely move when no one's watching. They also lean protectively over whomever they trust.

  7. Yes! Ingenious too...I wish they really could do that to capture the magic, Sherry, with your details. Beautiful and lush.

  8. Love it, trees that dance and flee from we nasty old humans. I love my forests and next time I wander through them and hear them rustling I shall think of you.

  9. What a wonderful view.. I would love to see (at a safe distance) those dancing trees ... guess the agile tree will always survive to save themselves.

  10. And try finding shoes in their size, oh dear...

  11. I am not at all surprised that you would feel drawn to the Ents, Sherry! This is a wonderful reminder to treat the trees with all due respect.

  12. This is so cool and creative, Sherry! Love it.

  13. oh, cool to hear the moss and sit

  14. This is great Sherry...I love the idea of trees sad they have to practice fleeing

  15. Enjoyed picturing these trees, Sherry. I'd like to believe they could flee.

  16. Nice - you latched on to a really cool image. Ents!

  17. Nice to imagine the trees moving. But sad to know the reality that they are victims to the moving trucks.

  18. This one is special .. I live among the trees you so beautifully describe .. and long to hold onto them till the end of (my) time.

  19. I also love the ents in Tolkien. You have cleverly made them your own. Thanks. K.


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