Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Blessing

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On days when the weight 
of the lives around you
threatens to topple you,
may there be a piece of earth,
soft and sweet with moss, 
to give your feet
a gentle place to stand.

When your eyes look out
on a gray winter vista
with no horizon,
may a snow goose swoop,
steadfast and unwavering,
across your vision,
to remind you there are
days of color and warmth ahead,
and just one way to get there -
by moving your feet
as diligently 
as she moves her wings.

When you are listening for
a message in the wind,
may you find a grove of trees
dancing with river-breezes,
to whisper in your ear:
"This is the way."

And when you most need to know
that there has been 
some meaning to your years,
may there be friends, eyes shining,
to wrap you 
in the warmth of fellowship,
and may you take
some comfort
in the glow.

As I wrote these last words, I thought about how all of you wrap me in that shawl. Thank you for the support each of you has been through a difficult 2013. I am grateful for you all. It means more than I can say to have - not just people - but other poets - reading and commenting on my work. It is a gift that never gets old. Blessings, my friends, as a new year of poetry writing begins!!!!


  1. "may there be a piece of earth,
    soft and sweet with moss,
    to give your feet
    a gentle place to stand."
    I could certainly relate to this, Sherry, having days when my feet scream with pain, and that soft moss sounds perfect.
    It is wonderful, isn't it, to have other writers acknowledge us? So very true.
    Love, K

  2. as I breathe and exhale our breath finds each others and then we inhale and we become one

    if we breathe in breathe out and do this repeatedly as a mantra exercise then our individual burden will be lessened just through sharing our breath.

    I need this now

  3. This is beautiful Sherry. I needed these words of encouragement. I am so thankful to have you in my read your words and feel more hopeful. Happy New Year!!

  4. For the moss, the feet, the trees and breeze and the shawl most of all, I thank you!

  5. :) Thank you .................nature has so much to offer us and we all are glad to have you.

  6. Thank YOU, Sherry, for your shining eyes. You've been a warm shawl this past year and your poetry a soothing song. Thank you too for your readings and comments. :)

  7. A similar feeling runs gently through my heart and to thank you for all the kind responses that came my way the whole of 2013. Thank you Sherry!


  8. a wonderful little blessing for the new year...finding our place to stand in the moss and knowing when to stay....and knowing too when to dance and move on...happy new year sherry...i hope it full of awe and wonder...

  9. Nice uplifting poem with some good thoughts in it...

  10. Sherry, you utter truth so beautifully....such soothing words and images...

  11. beautiful. very much thankful for you, Sherry. blessings to you, this year ~ Michael

  12. This is so beautifully written! I'm forever listening for that message in the wind!

  13. Again, you warm my heart, Sherry. I have also come to believe that I am not here to save others. I AM here to love them. I AM the only one I can save.

  14. well, i want to thank you for wrapping me in these words and the imagery they created as i read them. i also want to thank you for your light and love through a challenging 2013. you are a special woman, born of a special spirit...

  15. And thank you Sherry, you have always been so supportive...and 14 has always been a favorite number, when I was 12, again when I was older, and still today. My life is richer because of you!

  16. I feel the warmth of a new year coming.. my blessings and hope for a great year to come

  17. I feel much as you do Sherry and you are a big part of the reason for that. Thank you my friend,


  18. Sherry,

    This most beautiful poem says it all. It captures your old year of so many diverting pressures and worries.
    Never forget just how much value you bring and share with a whole world of others:)
    Hoping that 2014 might be easier for you in many ways.
    Happy New Year Sherry,

  19. Sherry, thanks for your online supports to poets old and new. May you have a wonderful 2014!

  20. Sherry, blessings to you too. You are a beacon of light that guides us all to bountiful shores thick with encouragement and inspiration. May 2014 bring you peace and kindness from all you meet.
    Your NY friend

  21. Sherry this is so beautiful! Thank you for these lovely lines and serene imagery!
    Happy and blessed new year!

  22. So often the things you write seem to express my heart, and touch a soft, somewhat sad part of me that wants to cry. This is one of those poems. I am honored to read your blessing. I am so grateful to know you. You're quite a special person. May this year bring tons, and tons of joy.


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