Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Traveling Light


cosmic voyager,
I travel light.
On the blue sky
and the morning star
I set my sights.

I surf the day 
for windsong
and navigate
the sky.
All I need
is what life 
gave me
to get me by.

In my kit bag
there are 
midnight moons
and morning songs.
Where a thousand 
sunlit seas
are, there 
I belong.

There are 
to infinity,
and far beyond.
In my world
is peace
and silence,
or my heart 

There is dreaming 
there's what we do
to get us by.
So all I need
is a steady heart
and a clear sky.

I'm living 
days of trial,
days of sorrow,
and days of ease.
Like the tall 
dancing trees,
I am shedding leaves.
My soul is past 
its autumn.
The cold is near.
And everything
that ever was
has never been
more dear.

I'm a solitary vagabond
who never 
leaves home,
on a journey 
of the heart
I thought
I'd put into
a poem.

I set my course by
the Milky Way,
sprinkled with 
cosmic dust.
In the beauty of
the universe
I place my trust.

I soar the days 
with eagles
and at day's end,
there's a counting up
of blessings,
of grace, 
of friends.

I'm in a little 
acorn boat
and bobbing 
on the wave.
In this life
I gave a lot.
I received 
more than 
I gave.

One from October 2010 this morning, kids. Starting to feel a bit better, but have to trudge off to work. Will be around to visit you when I get home:)


  1. A Holy Poem. I love the tall dancing trees and the little acorn boat. I feel it all and I'm putting this in my file of poems I would prefer not to live without.

  2. This is a lovely reflection of a life well lived.
    Sherry, glad you're feeling better. Sorry you have to work. Take care.

  3. It breaks my heart that you have to work, but I've said that before, so let me say it gladdens my heart to see this poem you wrote. As long as we can count our blessings and realize we are not, as we sometimes feel, cursed, then we are on the right road.
    A younger member of my family phoned me yesterday, with tales of woe and illness and of several prescriptions.
    This particular family member has always been kind to me but was always a bit skeptical about my health. "Now I know how you feel" was, therefore, a big surprise.
    I would never have wished her ill, but love does feel a bit better when it comes with some understanding.
    I hope you continue to feel better.
    Luv, K

  4. Ah, I think it is the best thing to travel 'light' in this world, to travel without baggage. And I think whatever we give in life we so often receive MUCH more in return. Nice thoughts here, Sherry.

  5. Wondrous! This poem glows-so beautiful filled with so many wonderful lines :D I love it!!

  6. I would argue the last line. I think we all would.

  7. I think that I could move into this poem.

  8. Love the simplicity of this... the poem, your life... what a refreshing read!

  9. I see that I have read this before as I look above. I hope that this is in the book ... maybe Mr. Mailman will bring it today. I LOVE THIS POEM!


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