Wednesday, October 9, 2013


When you stand in the middle 
of multiple branching paths,
knowing which one you take
will impact the next several 
finite and precious years,
when you are laden with the weight
of all that you carry,
and are called to
the steepest path
by oracles and owls,
never worry how your breath
will manage the altitude,
or whether your heart
is robust enough
to reach the mountaintop.

Traveling is managed
one footfall at a time.

Just take
the next step.

Posted for Mary's prompt at Poetry Jam : Steps


  1. Truth here Sherrie. Good philosophy I think and love the conclusion. Neat picture as well.

  2. Perfect! I love the illustration too, but even without it, the poem gets to that common moment. Once, long ago I sat with all my possessions at such a place when a wise Elder (Quaker) said to me which road I chose didn't matter, but it mattered to take the step. I found that to be true--though it limited possibilities for a secure retirement, it led to passionate and diverse experience.

  3. "Called by the oracles and owls" --- a perfect phrasing! I loved this.

  4. The image and your words compliment one another perfectly. Loved this.

  5. Traveling is managed one footfall at a time - This is excellent and is a brilliant truth. One step at a time is one of the greatest concepts in life. Absolutely brilliant.

  6. I always believe that the most important step is the NEXT one. That is the only one we really have to concern ourselves with. Somehow we will be able to negotiate that difficult path of we think of it THAT way. Nice one, Sherry.

  7. I like the idea of going one step at a time and focus on the next step first.

  8. amen. one decision...but too we have to look to the horizon to make sure that its still heading where we want to go....smiles...

  9. Yes, indeed... one footfall at a time... this is beautiful, Sherry.

  10. Like your idea ,when one " called to
    the steepest path
    by oracles and owls,' - don't worry how you reach the mountain top... ~ the hardest task. Like the music flow in your poem, Sherry

  11. What everyone has already said, and more.
    Luv, K

  12. Sherry, I love this! made me think of "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott; So inspirational! :-)


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