Thursday, October 17, 2013


Yesterday I added a bunch of new blogs to my reading list, in order to follow more people. 

This morning, my reading list shows me following NO blogs - they have Disappeared all of you. My on site old blogroll is there, but none of the sites I added. So I have a nice job ahead of me adding you all back in. Sigh.  If I miss anyone out the next day or two while I am Re-Doing my blogroll, I apologize. 

SO annoying. Blogger does not seem to like changes or additions, I discover.  


  1. The list may be back the next time you look. Blogger bugged out on me once or twice but it turned out to be just a blink.

  2. Yes, it often comes up saying "You aren't following any blogs" and suggesting I should do so for fun and entertainment. I usually click from this admonition to the Toads page because it's on there along with my blog, then click back with the back button, and all my list is back.
    No sense making more work for yourself. Heaven knows you don't need more work.
    Luv, K

  3. Blogger has definitely been wonky lately!

  4. And I know what you mean ~ My posts don't even appear in my dashboard, nor even show up in the links of Real Toads or UP ~ I second your GRRRR ~


  5. they vanished into the bloggersphere.. I have had the same problem...

  6. just refresh it...mine does that quite regularly since the last blogger upgrade..sometimes you have to refresh it a few will come back...


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