Wednesday, October 2, 2013

He Said, She Said

Kim's prompt at Verse First is He Said, She Said. The following is an overheard conversation, unembellished, I was witness to some time ago. 

She: What is all this stuff on the table? There's no room for anything.

He: I just got here two minutes ago. I was walking the dogs, and now I'm putting away the groceries. (Leaves the grocery bags, starts removing things from the table.)

She: I want to set up the laptop. Can you hook up the cords? No, not that plug, this other one.

He: (putting down pile of stuff, plugging in the plug) Okay.

She: Would you make me a little plate of snacks?

He: (looking daggers at her shoulder blades)
You want me to make a plate of snacks? Before I start dinner?

She: Yes, I'd like a little plate of snacks, oysters, crackers, cheese, with my glass of wine after a hard day at the office.

He: And you want me to make them...why?

She: Because you're the wife, and I've just gotten home from a hard day at the office.

He: But I've been taking Women's Studies, and we need to address how unfair things are around here. You have no idea what I do around here all day.

She: Well, I wish I could hang around the house all day, drinking coffee and watching Oprah. But Someone's got to pay the bills.

He: You're Out in the World, having intelligent conversations with other adults. I'm here with fur creatures that only bark and poo. I have no mental stimulation at all. You don't value what I do because it doesnt earn money. I feel demeaned. But here are your snacks, and welcome home after a hard day at the office.

She: Thanks. Is supper started yet?

[Notes: We were all laughing our heads off. But I harked back to my married days, when I was the one at home, with no life or status whatsoever, other than To Serve. Those days weren't as funny.]


  1. Being at home with household chores to do can be more stressful.Why? because there's no end to what to do.There's always something nagging to be completed. Great dialogue Sherry!


  2. Sherry,

    You are now the master/mistress of your own destiny and words!!! What a fantastic gift to this prompt...You have captured reality in its raw form...Thanks Sherry for making me laugh with your superb wisdom:)


  3. I giggled. People who have never served a tour of duty running the home need to do it to learn how hard it is to keep the house alive. Loved it Sherry!

  4. The role reversal is a riot. I'd like to think things have changed... but "the more things change the more they stay the same"...

  5. ha. ok yes this is bit of reality for reversed the He and She which is a bit funny....i think if we could understand the others perspective a bit it certainly might help us...

  6. This is super cute. I was so into women's lib back in the day. It did lots of good. Still, after all these years of marriage my husband and I still argue over who does the laundry. Of course, he doesn't say, but he expects me to do his. You're right - not so funny.

  7. This is very, very well done and clever. I love how it flows and how it works so well. I am very impressed.

  8. Oh the reality of it all, thanks for making me smile.

  9. That is quite a conversation, Sherry. So often women are in that kind of position...and perhaps for decades people didn't think about this when it came to a woman. I think we notice how unfair it is when we see a MAN in that kind of position. Actually neither sex should be 'henpecked,' in my opinion. I enjoyed this post, Sherry, as it gave me some insight. I am glad you are no longer in the position to only SERVE!!

  10. Hilarious conversation, Sherry. I love it.
    My husband has been disabused of his idea that my "job" is housework. It took me years to convince him that disability pensions mean I'm being paid to be sick, not to cater to him. So funny to imagine a woman saying "Because you're the wife" to a man.
    O well, Dick just got home from refereeing football (aarrgghh, how horrible) and is making his own supper.
    I've already eaten. This is the way it was supposed to be. Before I moved out here, I told him I had no intention of being a housewife, but for some reason he ignored that for years and years.

  11. Excellent Sherry
    I think the not so subtle part of the conversation is what the wife isn't hearing. she is only hearing herself talk which is such a problem in relationships. You captured this so well

  12. i would imagine this goes on in many homes. Nicely relayed.

  13. Nicely done, Sherry!


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