Sunday, October 20, 2013

Child of Trauma

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Child of Trauma,
walking in your cloak of pain,
I see you.

Know that the misery
you are living now,
caused by the big people in your life,
is not your life.

You will grow.
Your own life awaits you. 
Up ahead, you can be
anything you dream.

Dear little being, you deserve
to be told every day
that you are unique, and worthy,
and well loved.

Take these words,
and fashion yourself
a garment of hope,
to warm and remind you
that this is just a chapter
you are passing through.

One day
you will write your own story,
and it will be brighter
than you ever
could have dreamed.

posted for Victoria's prompt at dVerse: to write a poem to a child


  1. Not much to add to that, Sherry. You know I read this with interest.

  2. Yes!! Send that message in a poem! Wonderful, SHerry.

  3. smiles....very nice...and i am glad that you give them a voice....and empower them as well to write their own story outside of their present circumstances as well...

  4. Oh, Sherry, this one brought me close to tears. I love your message of encouragement to these little ones, and a good reminder to all of us that childhood isn't happy for all children, but you've planted a seed of hope and courage.

  5. Hopeful but still so lingered with pain.. some children don't have it easy... so good of you to bring them strength

  6. Tender and beautiful! I love the intimacy in your verse~ Hugs

  7. I was a child of trauma and my story is much brighter than I ever imagined in that darkness. Thank you so much for giving children of trauma a voice.

    1. "One day
      you will write your own story,
      and it will be brighter
      than you ever
      could have dreamed."

      Wisely spoken in words we can all understand. Well penned.

  8. This is lovely. hard to believe when in the midst of pakin, that it can end. Thanks,Sherry. k.

  9. This got to me. I am not sure I will ever get past it all.

  10. I wish every "child of trauma" could see this, Sherry. It is such positive reinforcement of good, for youngsters who can see no good anywhere.
    Luv, K

  11. I like the way you address the child directly in this encouraging poem of hope. The image you chose is so fitting too.

  12. we cannot tell them often enough how precious and special they are..

  13. Although there is sadness here, there is so much hope too. Beautifully expressed Sherry.

  14. This is just beautiful, this touched my heart, suportive words like these would have helped me to be a more confident child when I was growing up; really happy to see writers take these topics on. Thank you.

  15. I'm sure your beautiful words will help a child.
    Unique, worthy and well loved, yes, so important.


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