Sunday, October 13, 2013

Your Dream Will Come

When anxiety and fear attack the fortress of your soul,
take heart, the cosmic plan  will soon reveal. 
The pounding hooves of Conviction claim the goal,
Faith galloping, with Trust hard on its heels, 

           Take heart, the cosmic plan will soon reveal.             The bugle calls to thrill your heart and still all doubt.
Faith galloping, with Trust hard on its heels,
now Hope arrives, to drive misgivings out.

The bugle calls to thrill your heart and still all doubt,
though you can scarce believe your dream will come.
Now Hope arrives, to drive misgivings out.
Your heart takes wing, to hear the pounding thrum.

Though you can scarce believe your dream will come
The pounding hooves of Conviction claim the goal.
Your heart takes wing to hear the pounding thrum.
 Anxiety and fear vacate the fortress of your soul.

The ship is the Duen, owned by friends of mine, who spent one summer giving whale tours aboard her in Clayoquot Sound. She is seen here in Tofino Harbour. Lone Cone is right behind her, Catface on the left.


  1. These images are unusual for your poems, yet they show the urgency and power at our disposal when needed and it gave me pause. Thanks.

  2. Such a hopeful write... wonderfully written.

  3. The west coast of Canada - and as you evoke, what a place to be alive! you are blessed... With Best Wishes Scott

  4. Oh, Sherry, yes we need to hope and believe God has a plan for all of us. So inspirational!

  5. This is wonderful Sherry! So uplifting and full of hope. Beautifully expressed.

  6. Very sweet piece.
    Jerico is falling at the sound... :-)

  7. there are def times it seems that the dreams wont come and it would be so much easier to give up hope...that moment though it is important to keep holding on....when we dont see a way we have to be dependent on something greater...smiles.

  8. Beautiful! It is important to have hope, but when that doesn't come-maybe there is a new plan soon to arrive~

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  10. This is so beautiful and inspiring! Hope and faith are two words which keep us going, despite all odds!

  11. Hey Sherry--a pantoum is no easy form; still less easy to make an inspirational one. Thanks much. Really something here. k.

  12. You are one of a kind, and you both inspire and humble me. Hugs.

  13. yes, yes... this resonates deeply!

  14. Sherry I like the pic here, but your words are what went to my heart. What wonderful thoughts. Thank you for the hope.

  15. Wonderful photo, beautiful poem...


  16. Lyric, uplifting, resonant, told with pace and verve - like this very much, Sherry :) ~ M

  17. Sherry, I've been away for several days and have so much to catch up on. I always stop here when I need to retune my focus. Of course this beautiful piece is the first thing I see when I land the car. You never fail to have the right words waiting for me when I need them most.


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