Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wild Woman, Omniscient

image found on google-Coca Cola design

Wild Woman has been granted permission
to be omniscient for the next five minutes.

What does she see?

A planet in peril,
global warming,
"natural" disasters
resulting from man's 
unnatural co-habitation,
fracking, nuclear threat,
wars on far too many land masses,
corporate rule,
displaced and disenfranchised 
extinction of species........

Oh, thank Goddess!
Time is up.
Omniscience is frightening, 
and exhausting.
Back to the rosy glow 
of dimmed eyesight
and fractured synapses,
which cast a pleasant shine over
the little she can still see,
and comprehend.
This keeps everything De-Lovely
on Planet Wild Woman.

Wild Woman feels sorry for God,
for He knows the future.

Hee hee. Sorry, kids. Kim's prompt at Verse First, to  write from the point of view of omniscience, had me coughing up this fur-ball, given the fractured synapses and all. 


  1. Sherry,
    As usual your poetic response to the prompt and Omniscience is superb:)You have garnered all the facets of worldly issues together..There are many and I just love your concluding thoughts; 'Wild woman feels sorry for God, for he knows the future.'
    Absolutely written with a true Sherry Blue Sky style.
    Best wishes,

  2. I do hear you, Sherry. But then again I think it is partially where a person focuses his/her lens. I focus on things such as there are fewer people dying of malaria this year than last year (and it will continue to decrease) & the fact that the Supreme Court in the US gave some pretty optimistic rulings today. I try to focus on these things.

  3. The ills of the world and the follies of man. Most are man made which is the saddest part. Most are perpetrated through greed by govts or corporate leaders. The effects are the same! The ordinary folks, the deprived and the poor bear the brunt. Great thoughts in highlighting these, Sherry!


  4. I feel sorry, too! It is sad, things could so be different, can, could, is frightening!

    Great poem....

  5. Whoa! Wise Woman to hold only what she can. I wouldn't want to be Godlike--not unless it would save us all from ourselves.

  6. Your words beg a question: do we really want to see and know what God sees? I have to agree with Wild Woman, it might be better not to do so. That doesn't, however, exempt us from doing what we can about what we as humans know and see. Thanks Sherry, this was a funny but really challenging read.


  7. This is a little eerie. It actually gives rize to theological and philosophical questions like: Does God have responsibility for this mess? Are we solely to blame? Can God, save us? Is s/he really omniscient or an observer?
    Ouch. Too much for my little brain.

    Sherry, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Thanks for remembering the Ladies. Can't even keep writing about it, makes me tear up. Wish we could sit somewhere and talk. There's so much substance in your heart, I know.

  8. This captures the overwhelming feeling that everything is just so amazing, it is all just so vast and it takes each of us to play our own unique part in the wonder of life.

  9. Yes, It is scary to see what God sees and know how it will end. Great write!

  10. Sherry, I am always amazed at the simplicity of your thoughts. All wrongdoing is chronic and deep-rooted in our system now. I really feel bad for Him.. wonder, how He's going to deal with this 'de-lovely' part of us..!!
    Great write, as always.:)

  11. Haha loved it, may have fractured a few synapses laughing, good one.

  12. Yes, God can see the truth, which is sometimes frightening. I think it's good to be aware of both the good and the bad ... so that we can celebrate the good, and hopefully prevent the bad. Thought-provoking poem, Sherry :)

  13. A very eye opening piece, to be able to see everything, all the destruction must be very heart breaking, fortunately there is goodness and beauty which hopefully one day will prevail. Beautiful poem Sherry.

  14. Oh, totally adore your closing lines.

  15. I'm with everyone else... love the ending!

  16. Yikes -the situation is completely crazy-making. It is amazing to me that people i.e. politicians are just so openly greedy and closed-minded - maybe wise woman should run for office! (Fractured synapses and all!) k.

  17. those last lines are rather ominous, scary not sure the word...yes, god does...and i wonder how sHe keeps hope alive at times...

  18. It would be truly frightening to be omniscient as you so deftly show the reader
    The bears are happier just sipping their Coke

  19. ha! i go through this occasionally. i wonder if it all makes sense somehow, all the injustices and institutional crimes. when we look at society and the world at large over a long stretch of time, things are improving and there is reason for hope. it is a major challenge to hold that hope while the bandits continue to rule, tho


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