Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mongolian Sunset

Mongolian sunset
stocky ponies run
The shaman beats his drum
falcon wings lift and soar
Painful spirits
sail away
 on its wings

Kids, last night I watched a wonderful documentary called The Horse Boy, about a young couple who took their autistic son on a trek on horseback to Mongolia, to find shamans for their son's healing. It was wonderful in every way - the parents' deep devotion to their child, the child's transformation from suffering to a happier state, his deep connection with animals, the ancient faith of the shamans. Improvement was significant, in all ways. But what struck me most in the film, were the interspersed comments from professionals, including Temple Grandin, stressing that while North Americans consider autism a tragedy, other cultures absorb these children as differently abled beings who bring gifts. 

The shamans believed the boy will be a shaman himself when he grows up. The parents learned the most important thing was to listen to their child, and the world began to open up for all three of them. Heartwarming, loving, intriguing and uplifting. I loved it.


  1. Autism can spawn savants! And these are of genius level far from being duds which people thought they were! Nicely Sherry!


  2. Sounds like a heart-warming movie, Sherry. Love the sailing away of the painful spirits in your poem.

  3. fascinating...and as mary says a heart warming story as well..what a journey...will have to look this one up....

  4. Temple Grandin is one fascinating lady ... I will look for the DVD, know I'll enjoy it.
    Lovely poem, Sherry.

  5. It very beautifully depicts this wonderful journey..

  6. Neat poem combining native AMerican healing with other shaman cultures. I viewed the Video with pleasure.

  7. This brings so much hope and joy really--we think of mental illness as illness really--but we are all on that continuum somewhere--and we all want to be heard and understood--lovely write Sherry!

  8. here is a link to the full movie on youtube, no downloading or anything. huge message!

  9. It is a most puzzling affliction - I can understand teh aprent's desire to unlock its secrets.

  10. This is nice Sherry. So good when we discover other possible ways of interpreting our world.

  11. The love of a parent for a child - it's hard to even put a measurement to it. I will definitely be watching this and sharing with one of best friends whose son suffers from autism. How wonderful if our culture could become so evolved as to accept each person for who they truly are.

  12. So right: there is a good side to this disorder that many overlook. Mind you, the 'savant' type must get so tired from all the hyper activy in their brain.
    Hope to get a chance to see that film some time.


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