Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tilling the Hearts of All Men

Brock Tully
founder of the KindActs Movement

"Inch by inch
and row by row,
we will make our garden grow...."

[We sang this song often at the coffeehouse, smiling at each other, loving the growth and sharing we found there, in this warm safe fellowship of gentle souls. Three young B'hai men sang a song about turning guns to ploughs that would "till the hearts of all men". 

I tended a real garden, then, that took up my whole backyard, in order to feed my four hungry kids. But the real growth and healing took place in my heart, at the coffeehouse, where my life turned from pain and trauma onto a kinder, gentler path.]

I had walked across the frozen wastelands 
of Siberia,
emotions icebound 
against the possibility of pain,
but, from the moment I opened the door
and walked into the sunshine
of the coffeehouse,
my petals began to unfurl
and love, music, laughter and safety
tilled the soil 
of my thirsting heart.

Those gentle, peaceful beings
nurtured my spirit
with love,
loved me until I could begin
to love myself,
healed me from the past
and unfurled a future
more limitless 
than I had ever dared 
to dream.

"You must know you're a healer,"
Brock told me,
towards the end.
He had stayed an extra year
until I was strong enough
for him to go.
He had a world to inspire,
a thousand miles to travel,
a million dreams to inflame.

I ran the coffeehouse 
for a little while more,
but then it was time to let it go,
to move on, myself,  to other fields,
and other gardens.

This time, I was the one, 
singing the song
that encouraged others 
to heal,
to grow
and to dream.

posted for Poetry Jam's prompt: Flowers 
My poem is more about gardening than flowers. But I remember my petals slowly unfurling in the warmth of that wonderful place, and so, in a way, it is about flowers too.


  1. Friends and flowers complete the garden of our life.

  2. that sounds like a pretty cool place...isnt it cool how when we need it those people come along at the right place at the right time and touch our lives...and get us ready to do the same with someone else---hey it works for me...i like this kinda gardening...smiles.

  3. It was wonderful, Sherry, that you found a place where you could BLOOM and FLOWER, Sherry. Sounds like the seeds planted then really took root and continue to live on! I enjoyed this kind of flowering, Sherry.

  4. Gardening gives you an opportunity to take your mind off and it forces one to relax .... It is so much fun to watch everything grow, Sherry.
    This is what I enjoy doing...so, it works for me too!! Good you found a space to let your emotions bloom :-)
    Wonderful piece of writing.

  5. I agree, gardening is therapeutic. Love this, Sherry. Cute pic!

  6. How wonderful that places like that warm and welcoming coffeehouse exist! The world can be such a cold hard place ... we all need a safe and nurturing place that helps us grow and bloom ... this poem fits the theme beautifully!

  7. I didn't realize you had run the coffee house yourself for some time. What a marvelous experience that must have been.

  8. First of all really love the snap..so so cute!! and wonderfully crafted.."my petals began to unfurl..and love, music, laughter and safety tilled the soil...of my thirsting heart"....lovely!!!


  9. I like the metaphor of tilling the garden, until you are healed, and then healing others too ~ Lovely share Sherry ~

  10. lovely post - I too find peace in my garden!

  11. Blooming flowers, Sherry blooming ... this is a wonderful true story.

  12. Sherry, I ran a community like this and belonged to others, each a time and space to heal and grow. Enjoyed.

  13. To heal, to grow and to dream. What a wonderful place and a beautiful poem. We all need a place to heal.

  14. What a really beautiful story, Sherry. Can hardly imagine this happening where I live--it's all corporate coffee houses here.

  15. Beautiful story full of hope, healing and encouragement Sherry. Thank you for sharing this!

  16. You have led such an interesting journey! What a garden that must have been to have fed four hungry kids!

  17. coffee DOES nurture :) But on a serious note, this is heat-felt and the message you share of giving back... is invaluable.

  18. "real garden" It is the one we share with friends

  19. Sherry, this is so lovely and I had to smile at the lines from that song--I'm a huge Peter Paul and Mary fan--inch by inch row by row :-) So happy that you found a place where you could grow and heal. <3

  20. Sounds like this was a beautiful experience for you. Thank you for sharing.


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