Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Global PTSD

as shared by Wolfgang at 

Mother Earth is suffering 
from post-traumatic stress:
legacy of all the trauma
she has endured -
wars, bombings,
nuclear "tests", fracking,
holes in the ozone,
her human children's addiction to oil, 
the corporate world's greed, devastated forests,
habitat and entire ecosystems.

Her warnings ~
fires, flooding, 
tornadoes, hurricanes,
ecological unrest ~
have not been heeded.

She weeps.

The whales, the birds,
the hungry bears and wolves,
all creatures dispossessed
by the raping and pillaging
of natural resources,
weep with her.

Wherever you are today,
take a few moments
to look around,
perhaps sprinkle 
some healing water,
whisper a little blessing
for her healing.

Wipe her tears.

Then write your congressman,
and speak
for the earth
and its creatures,
who have no voice.


  1. I totally agree with this, Sherry. From fracking to the ravaging of our forests etc. Mother Earth is indeed in distress and we all need to speak for the creatures who have no voice. This is truly a beautiful, powerful poem.

  2. It's a noble thing to do, rightly so, Sherry! But noble efforts get stunted and stifled by the excesses of big business wielding the big stick. Money speaks louder than words! Nicely!


  3. Yes, yes, yes! recently I watched an episode I had taped ~ Bill Maher ~ huge argument/confrontation over fracking, etc. I could not believe the folks who didn't see the harm ... I was outraged.

  4. The sincerity and sensitivity with which you write about the earth always pierces my heart. I breathe a prayer for her.

  5. People can bring a revolution and we have only one earth, we ought to care for it.
    NO offence to anybody, but I personally feel that our human race should be wiped out completely by nature. It gave us so much and what did we give back? Just devastation.

  6. Hi Sherry
    then there are angels like you. Take care my dear.


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