Friday, June 21, 2013

In Pursuit of a Really Profound Thought

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Wild Woman searches the cupboards
for a Really Deep Thought.
She looks under the bed,
finding only dust bunnies there.
They require a vacuum,
so no further thoughts 
need apply.

She knocks on her head.
This hurts.
Bad idea.

Wild Woman, these days,
is in pursuit of a
Good Night's Sleep,
exhaustion and profound thinking
being counter-intuitive.

They have invaded her nighttime repose
with Machines and face-masks.
Her profoundest thought,
as she rises headachey, 
exhausted and grim
in the morning is:
this is clearly
a case of
the cure being
than the disease.

Thankfully, a mite of humor
is, just barely,
sustaining her. 

Corey, known to us as Herotomost, has set us the challenge, over at Real Toads,  to write a bit of personal philosophy, the Pursuit of a Really Profound Thought. I tried, and I failed.  But one Posts On, regardless. Eventually, everything always Gets Better. (Perhaps THAT is my nugget of personal philosophy:))


  1. Haha! Oh, Sherry, I had to laugh at the tone of this piece - even though the subject matter (especially of your horrible night mask) is serious. The cure is often so much worse than the disease, isn't it?

  2. I really enjoyed the feel of spirit in this! It does seem to me almost impossible to think of something profound when I feel directed to do so. I am reading what others are writing here to try and find profound inspiration!

  3. I don't usually read others' responses to a prompt before I write my own, but you're in my blog list, so I "accidentally" read this. I sure wish your CPAP machine could be as helpful to you as mine is to me. But I loved your poem, especially the dust bunnies. We are getting ready for a garage sale, and all the stuff we're selling is dusty but not, I hope, musty.
    Starts tomorrow...The Weekend From Hell.
    Hope you're sleeping better soon.
    Luv, K

  4. I know, I promise, it's serious ... but this line 'they require a vacuum, so no further thoughts need apply' made me giggle.

  5. Bless you, and breathe, sweetie! Take that machine into the forest where it can take on the spirit of healing bring it back in a more friendly way. I love that your poem has the humor of which you speak. The consideration of profundity under stress is a mighty profound subject that will never have time to gather dust, mold, or moss.

  6. Humor can see us through some of the toughest sorry you must sleep under an umbilical chord to a machine...but I so enjoyed the smiles I got from reading this. :)

  7. Philosophy is pretty dry without a sense of humor! Hope you are yourself soon!

  8. you are the smiling sage the whole way:)
    hey, wild woman, a good night's sleep in caps sez wisdom of the highest kind.

  9. What, oh what, is a dust bunnie??

    Sorry to hear you are sleep deprived: that colours one's entire day. Hope you find your philosophical side again.

  10. "dust bunnies" is right. I'm with you.

  11. Full marks for humour in the face of sleep deprivation. :)

  12. Wild Woman knows. This earth needs Wild Woman. Wild Woman understands the importance of love! Wild Woman needs to LOVE here machine. No! No ifs, buts or ands about it. (((hugs))) to be passed on to your CPAP.

  13. Oh, Sherry! Hang in there, girl!

  14. Sherry darling, everything always gets better! I concur!

  15. hah, excellent writing, Sherry! sleep apnea? that's nothing to fool around with. glad to imagine you breathing at night rather than the alternative. xoxo

  16. I love you for the positivism that you have...awesome!! Even when you're low and down--you can still smile. Kudos...
    Love this, Sherry.

  17. Love the part about only needing a vacuum--I have a lot of dust bunnies jumping around in my head, and the vacuum there doesn't seem to bother them at all. ;_) I am so sorry getting sleep has become an ordeal--I hate that 'not enough' frazzle, and the headaches and fuzziness--I hope you find a way to resolve this nastiness soon, Sherry. Thanks for the does of comfort hidden in your philosophy today.

  18. ... forgot to tell you how much I loved the image! I am going to an open house / fund raiser today ~~ at Chimps, Inc. here in Bend.

  19. Stay strong Sherry...perhaps take it a little slower?

  20. lol....Sherry, everything you writ is as profound as it gets, this is no exception. You had me laughing at searching your cupboards or a profound thought and the image was very profound indeed. Life is really profound and our inability to feel like we rise to the occasion is my darling, are the queen of just used a big word. Thanks for writing on my prompt... I always enjoy it!!!!

  21. Agh - this is such a true description of what happens sometimes (I feel in my case it is with age and stress.) A dust bunny nightmare awake or asleep. Very well depicted. Thanks Sherry. k.


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