Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Broody Hens and Beaches

Wild Woman has lived in, approximately,
38 homes, give or take.

Nomad, gypsy, ever in search of home,
home never stayed put for long.

Each time she moves, she thinks:
this is home, the last move, the last place.

But life has a way of never standing still.
The only thing certain is Change,
she is fond of saying.
Things change.  People change. We change.

In the place of her dreams, after ten years,
to her surprise she found herself thinking:
maybe I have completed a cycle here.
And before she knew it, she was gone.

It is four moves later, now.
Wild Woman is feeling that inner gathering
that tells her to align herself with the universe.
The cycle of Helping is coming to an end.
Time to live some Wild Woman years again.

This big old hen  has stopped being broody.
She has perched herself on the edge of the nest
and is scanning the horizon.
Off in the distance, behind the mountains,
the silver sea is shining.
She feels her every feather lift in response.
She gives a few  speculative squawks; her beady eyes gleam.

Stay tuned.

At Poets United's Verse First, Kim has set us the topic: Moving. On. Forward. Away.To another house. To another state of being. Not staying stuck. Lifting those knobby inadequate stubby wings and trusting the air to hold one up. I exceeded the 20 line limit. I could eliminate one stanza, but will leave it as is for off to work. Will be back to read the other links. Am sure there will be some great stuff!


  1. I will, indeed! How wonderfully you describe the gypsy soul in wild woman.

  2. Oh yes ... moving on is good. Keeps us young at heart, young in spirit, mind and body. Stay tuned indeed!!!

  3. I have often wondered about people who grow up, live their life and are finally laid to rest in the same place they are born, as their fathers before them.

    And people, who are buffeted around their whole lives

    And some people, who choose to leave, and forge their own path ...

    Keep sharing your thoughts, wild woman!

  4. I shall stay tuned... Knowing your love of one particular place on the planet, I'm eager to know if you have plans to return there someday soon.

  5. oh yes! moving places is well, a phase and soon settle to de-settle to settle again and oh my! a cycle in itself!

  6. We will keep our eyes on that far horizon

  7. Nice writing, Sherry. I have also lived in, approximately, 38 homes, give or take, mostly before I became domesticated. In my third life I began again until a new Mrs. Jim came along to tame me again. I even parked my motorcycle when our Karen came along.

    I identified with your coffee house poem. I will never forget my one visit to a 'real' coffee house. There was no coffee, we all sat on the floor leaning on the four walls and passed around bottles of wine. Really that is all I remember except that the friend who brought me must have taken me home, at least I got home. XD

  8. Another move maybe ~ Or just to stay put ~ The only certain thing is change itself, I agree ~

  9. Oh, what a wonderful poem, so full of positive feeling and deep self-acceptance. Here's to the new adventure, wherever it may lead! Will definitely stay tuned.

  10. Fingers and toes crossed for you, Sherry. Eagerly awaiting news and hoping it is good.
    Luv, K

  11. Another masterpiece Sherry! life doesn't allow us to stand still, we must move with it or we would become stagnant.

  12. I admit I am afraid of changes but we have to move on to live. Great write!

  13. Loved this Sherry! I think it's great that you are able to listen to what you need and make those moves! Staying tuned in case there are any poems of another move!

  14. Can't wait to see what happens next!

  15. Change is constant and any move brings about change... the wild woman is just as much constant as much she is moving on.

  16. :) Life never stays still indeed, keeps moving and we gather many experiences along the way.

  17. Being a 'wild lady' has its advantages (if wild is equated to moving and not staying put) New environment,friends,experiences all add up.If not for the inconvenience of packing and re-packing it certainly is fun! Nicely Sherry!


  18. The great thing is that Wild Woman isn't looking for escape. She knows who she is and will take herself along. That is strength and spirit!

  19. Wonderful verses!
    Wild lady or not , all Women are wild in their thoughts -their imaginations!

  20. YOU ARE AT HOME IN THE WORLD (anywhere).

  21. Ah, Sherry, your story sounds so similar to mine. I can see you're perched on the best branch...Enjoy!!
    You never stop to amaze me...I repeat!! Brilliant!

  22. I relate to it in the way of the muse. The mind wandering from one place to the other, not able to settle on one particular one as inspiration.

  23. The only thing certain is change. this is so true and apt.Brilliant.

  24. I really loved the idea of you perched on the edge of the nest and scanning the horizon. I am sure that you see something special in the distance! Smiles.

  25. Nice self-portrait! You remind me of my sister... she even blogs under the name "Gypsy." .... always on a road trip!

  26. Sherry,

    The story of a wandering free-spirit...Restless while searching for a place of peace and balance...I hope you are sitting in that restful place of happiness now Sherry...I hate packing and moving!!
    Best wishes,
    Eileen :)

  27. Tis hard to tame a wild woman, eh?

  28. But life has a way of never standing still - is the line that really jumped out at me. Isn't that ever so true. Live just keeps on moving.

  29. such a fun poem, yet a deep meaning to boot - solid piece!

  30. i just adore how you story tell your gathering winds. you build it like a song. this sings. the universe sure has a way of making mist of our own expectations as to what's next.

  31. I admire your pluck oh broody one ;-)


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