Friday, February 8, 2013

Wild Woman in Love

Hallmark's Maxine by John Wagner

It is Valentine's Day and Wild Woman is in love.
She is putting on all her pretties.
Her eyes are round and hopeful and smitten.
She has disappeared entirely into Manworld 
and no longer remembers her friends.
She is twitterpated and distracted
and all kinds of smarmy worms 
are roiling around in her innards.
This must be Love! she sighs.


Ha ha! gotcha! Mary's Mixed Bag at Toads tells us to write a Not-Love poem, about something we hate. The only thing I hate is my neck, which begins at my jawline these days and sort of sluffs its way down like a fat melted candle. I am contemplating the advantages of a burka. Or Neck Socks. But I decided to fool you instead - just lump it together with April Fools!!!!!


  1. Good one, Sherry. It is the putting on of the pretties that is a definite give-away. I bet you can bat your eyes wonderfully well. Neck socks? Could be useful in the cold.

  2. Can't beat Mary's comment. Really, Sherry, The poem goes with the cartoon.

  3. Oh,
    Yes, the pretties ;D
    This was fun to read! YOU are a hoot~

  4. Oh no..I wondered had love found her...then there was the capital

  5. Clever, Sherry. We all know you have a great love for mankind, the men can take care of themselves.

  6. A lovely scarf would help the neck. I liked the poem, where the wild woman is shown in the photo as a very cynical believer in love, but may not so much Valentine's Day.

  7. Valentine's Day-cum-April Fools' Day... there's a lot could be made from that link-up! Smart post. Me like muchly.

  8. lol... I guess it will be April's Food Day before we know it.

  9. Your post is the first I've read this morning... if this is any indication of how my day is going to be, I'm set. So funny!

    My sister also drives an older Toyota .. says she will forever.

  10. Hee hee, we all know Wild Woman is a hopeless romantic under all the cynicism. For all the good it did me. Maybe just romantically hopeless?

  11. Oh, yeah, you are SO going to hang out at ManWorld, I can just see that, you Wild Woman!! The smarmy worms, eeeewwww. Loved this take on Mary's prompt, just in time for what is known in our house as Hallmark Day or Galleria of Jewelry Day because I beg Lex to never get me anything. We make homemade cards. (OK, it's "Diarrhea of Jewelry"!) Loved it, Sherry. Peace, Amy

  12. Love gets mistaken for lust. You're so funny Sherry.

  13. I think it is true. Maybe not just one person or thing, it is in love with the whole world!!

  14. i love this, but also? i don't live in manworld, either. so there! *wink* and xoxox. oh be my valentine, Sherry.


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