Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ella of Ella's Edge and I collaborated on this poem about chakras, a challenge for Real Toads on February 12, 2013. In this poem, it is the tree who is speaking.


[Personal identification with the infinite.
Oneness with God.
Peace. Wisdom. Love.]

Light up your eyes in wonder
Your crown of grace bejewels the midnight sky
and descends a purple robe as the myriad galaxies spin

Their mystical webs outline your canvas, your passion
your spirit arises to create,
your soul the paint,
your hands n' heart the brush

Stardust is you
the Ancients have tried to teach their mysteries
in delicate tunes
among a star-flung sky,
by a silver sea
peace, simplicity, respect
keys to the crown
as the last star descends
heed the wisdom of
the Wise Old Tree:
Head in the sky
feet on the Earth:
at one with it all!

[Indigo-clearing subconscious to channel intuition.
See Divine perfection in all things. Devotion.]

I am the Observer
I see into the vastness of forever
deep within my being
the Old Ones share their wisdom
Look through the cosmic window
into the universe's gifts
embrace each circle of life
look up
layers of blue behind shimmering wonder
I whisper to you
through indigo eyes our hearts align
in slumber we will meet
blanketed by your dreams
moonlight will transport me

Open limbs embrace
in concentric circles
the oracle delivers echoes of the past
cast in a net of dreams
blueprints of diamonds in the rough
underlying messages in a thousand tongues
and the smallest molecular intricacies
Buddha Moon winks
he reminds me clouds can comfort my head
he puts on his cobalt kimono
and white doves soar high
as we wait for Lunar Moth's dance of
luminous rippled light

[Ability to verbalize. Expressing truth through the spoken word.]

Listening to
the song of the earth,
no thoughts,
just being-
with the gray-sky morning,
with the tall black pines,
with the top of the hills,
with the sea beyond,
her everlasting waves
ebbing and flowing
on an eternal shore.

In a sea of humanity across a Cerulean canvas
where Heaven hugs the shore and kisses the sea
the ebb n' flow washes one's heart whole
It saturates the Wedding Ring quilt of Earth
whispers of blue blur throughout the day
treasured thoughts of childhood whisper
in the wind, I see secret wings soar
into my dream
through the window of blue
my dream to glide towards my love
up, up, away...

[Release emotionally suppressed trauma.
Soul/heart consciousness. Expressing love in action]

I tremble
Please, Humankind
I feel like a cracked vessel
inside, I imagine
hope buds n' swells
sun's mournful song
on gray days moves me
my emerald tears cling
to my branches

Deep in my heart I am spilling over
I witness the changing sky,
the tops of mountain peaks,
the sea green waves outlining
the Endless Knot

My heart bursts open, knowing
we are intricately connected
to the rhythm of
Mother Earth's heartbeat
My wish is for all to love her back -
tears for her ravishing
one long last look before turning face
to the morrow,
already on its way,
as this dear old earth
turns and turns,
and turns again.

[Assimilation experience. Digestion.
Positive use of personal power. Manifest goals]

Miss Topaz tip toes quietly into focus
spreading a blanket of golden trumpets
She conducts the symphony of a morning song
Her fluid hair cascades over the Serengeti
She begins her exercises: Sun salutations
She hovers above the trees, the grass,
I feel her amber kiss at noon
Her sweet whispers make me feel tall n' proud
I glow

[Utilization of creative forces into all aspects of being.
High soul procreation. Direct self toward devotion.]

Morning light flickers and ignites
the tender path I'm rooted to
Her embracing hug warms me
Her liquid light nourishes me
allowing my pockets of green spindle to climb
I feel passion radiate
her Tangerine rose fingers
awaken my heart
I slowly lunge towards her
like evaporated drops of rain on a Tiger lily's leaves
I emit heat
She playfully tickles the top of my branches
I swoon

[Ground spirit forces in body. Gain ability
to work lovingly on the human plane]

A tiny flame kindles
igniting scarlet embers
extending raw roots
spreading the surge of life
the ebb n' flow of tributaries reaching
for the deep earth
resurgence of life's promise in
the blush of day's surrender

I connect to the breath,
align mySelf with
the heartbeat
of Mother Earth,
move from head to heart,
feel the stillness at my core.

Thus, we endure.
Strong, we withstand,
our hearts,
our breath,
our lives
inexplicably attuned
to the pulse
of our Earth Mother.

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