Saturday, February 23, 2013


Mount Arrowsmith - view from the Quay

I saw a ministering angel in the clouds today
benevolent gray wings looming over the harbour,
head tilted auspiciously,
as if she were about to empty
a basket of blessings
upon our gray little town.

Behind us, and up the hill
stood Arrowsmith,
the chill from the fresh snow 
on its peaks
riding the currents all the way down
to the Quay.
Pigeons, seagulls, and one small sparrow
hovered anxiously
near the donut shop,
hoping for necessary crumbs
which we spilled with largesse,
like ministering angels ourselves,
if only for those brief moments, 
when a few small creatures' needs
were, however imperfectly, fulfilled.


  1. I love your view! I love the act of giving to creatures, who fill our days with wonder! :D You are an angel~
    This made me smile~

  2. What a beautiful view. It takes my breath away. Love the thought of you pro icing crumbs for the birds. They must have a hard time in winter. We each are an angel to someone or something. This I truly believe.

  3. Lovely, There are angels helping us, caring for us, if only we had eyes to see them. :)

  4. You took us there! Lovely, thank you.

  5. I can tell that the pigeons, seagulls and sparrows love you, because you sprinkle crumbs so generously for them!

    Tolling Bell

  6. Yes the view is breath-taking and the view you created in my mind even more so :)

  7. Words most apt for the view. Excellent.

  8. A lovely view of the beauty of nature~ Thank you Sherry ~

  9. What a beautiful depiction of nature.

  10. What an awesome view you gave us of your town and the insight of the angel over and within.

  11. beautifully imagery and compassion Sherry... I so love being in the world with you.

  12. I'm sure such beautiful places must get frequent visits from angels.beautiful view and beautiful poem.

  13. This is truly beautiful, Sherry. One of your best, I think.

  14. So beautiful and heart-warming Sherry... I love the sense of connection and the encouragement to be an angel in any circumstance.

  15. I love the idea of an angel, and humans being angels if only temporarily. This is beautiful Sherry.

  16. This is the Canada I cherish and know - in spirit, in memory, in people.

  17. You have captured the idea that we all have the potential to pour blessings on others, in whatever small way. Your poem sings of that possibility!

  18. Words are like those crumbs, Sherry, offered freely when possible. Love the photo and your words,


  19. Oh! what a beautiful photo, Sherry!

    And then this poem. Well, you put me right in there....the descriptiveness of your words just hit me between the eyes. You know, Sherry, I am beginning to think and a lot of poets don't have the qualities of painting the scene...but you do, and consistently you show it.

    A lovely poem, Sherry. It brightened my day.

    Lady Byo

  20. Nice pic and sentiments in your poem, definitely worth sharing ;-)

  21. Sherry,

    Thank you for sharing the view and words about, the really beautiful place, you call home. Such a magnificent guardian angel watching over your part of the world Sherry:)
    A lovely and thematic poem...

    Happy Sunday,

  22. loved the view and the myriad hues!

  23. Such a compassionate writing, Sherry!
    Hats Off for creating such a calm and breathtaking gem...Loved it !!

  24. You remind me that this is, in reality, always the case. Needs are met, imperfectly. Lovely scene, Sherry!

  25. Sherry-this takes me right there. Beautiful description and the photo is awesome too :)


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