Monday, February 25, 2013

A Howl for Sister Wolf

They come with loud voices into the wild,
setting their snares:
Game Slayer Coon Cuffs, $29.99,
Rubber Jaw Coil Spring Leg Trap,
a bargain at $13.99.

Into the mud,
or under green boughs,
they spring them open,
then retreat.

As their voices fade away,
the creatures come back
to reclaim their habitat.

Sister Wolf streaks across the clearing,
head high, yipping,
joyously running,
her freedom felt in her very cells,
blood pumping,
alive, alive, alive --
until the sudden snap,
piercing unbearable pain,
and she is held fast to the earth.

She bites at it, pulls away,
realizes it cannot be escaped.
Growls, snarls, whimpers,
and then one mournful howl.
She sinks to earth.
Pain, thirst, hunger, fear.....
and then she hears them,
coming back,
voices loud, triumphant, laughing.

Dear God, help me not to hate 
the ones who set the traps,
for I do,
and it disturbs my soul.

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  1. Ouch- traps. Such a mean thing to do. I didn't know that was allowed or that people even wanted to do that. I can just about understand culling if needed. But traps.
    'held fast' ..grim.

  2. Dammit, Sherry, I wish you wouldn't post a picture like that. it will take a week to get that out of my head.

    And i DO hate the people who set those traps.


    Please stop this!!!!

  4. I am so sorry, kids. My own heart was hurting so much, I had to write. But you're right, Shay. I shouldnt have posted the photo. It is sickening. It should be ILLEGAL to use these instruments of torture.

  5. Horrible horrible...why does he even smile...yikes ~

  6. In many places, these traps are illegal.
    How sad to know they are still used.

  7. That picture IS awful, and the man is smiling. The whole situation breaks my heart.


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