Friday, February 1, 2013

Traveler, Before the Journey

This image is entitled Wild Wisdom, 
the art of Layil Umbralux, found at

"The Wild Woman of myth is primordial Nature that cannot be tamed."

is going on
another journey.
She'll be walking
through the fire
where her bones
will be honed.
She'll be passing in and out
within the Dreamtime.
She will meet with
oracles and owls.
She will bring back
from the other side.

Kids, I have been struggling with extreme fatigue this winter, and recently have had a hard time writing. It just isnt flowing. But this morning, as I woke, these words were in my mind. I wrote a series of Traveler poems in my Soul Card Journey of April 2011. During that month, each morning I would rise, look at the image, and start writing. It was like taking dictation, and I never knew what the words would say.

Traveler has always told me, when I am going to be taking another journey. As always, I listen well, and align myself with the guidance that will see me through my travels. It is always interesting, always enlightening, always moving forward. Traveler has brought me far.

So I have only a small idea of what this poem might mean. But I trust Traveler, and am, as always, open to the journey.


  1. I hold you in the Light for this Journey through Traveler's promptings. I hope the fire heals. Please keep your kit and walking stick nearby!

  2. I hope and trust it is a good journey," interesting, enlightening, and moving forward", Sherry.

  3. Very nice. Sending you a bucket of warmth so you can get better n write more for us! :)

  4. The 'traveler' has no legs, no arms but it does move about in a space without time. It touches all that it has been touched by, much like the mist and fog that hovers in the dawns and dusks of this world. It ascends and descends, spreads its wings embracing all and we are all better for this.

    Yes, mi amiga, take your journey in delight that all the spirits linked to yours will take it with you.

    Hope your journey will take you where your wishes reside.

    Tu amigo

  5. Traveler?

    That was the name of Robert E. Lee's horse, if I'm not mistaken.

  6. Sherry, may your walks through fire bring you to a better place. And may the oracles be wise ones! I wish you godspeed on this journey.

  7. I'm so glad Traveler is back... how exciting!

  8. May your travels be blessed. Take good care of yourself Sherry.

    (Not that this may be significant but I experienced extreme fatigue and it turned out to be due to my thyroid.)

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  10. the anticipation of the journey has a special energy you capture. great to see you:) always is

  11. Your recent poetry is taking a new direction. I find it fascinating how you incorporate native ways of thinking into your work. It brings to the surface that 6000 miles' difference between where we live has a great influence which we often overlook.

  12. This is wonderful Sherry. I am hoping that some of that fatigue is dissipating.

  13. This is wonderful Sherry. I am hoping that some of that fatigue is dissipating.

  14. This is wonderful Sherry. I am hoping that some of that fatigue is dissipating.


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