Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Traveler, Diverted on the Path

Traveler has been preparing
for a long journey.
She has put on all of her wolf magic,
for the going
will be hard.
Wolf head on a cord around her neck,
wolf robe on and walking stick in hand,
she sets out
on a road full of hazards
and waystations,
with one eye on the windy trees,
the other on the  rocky path 
under her feet.

Traveler has confidence in the journey.
Wolf women know much
about difficult terrain.
They have stamina and endurance
and know there are  times
when one cannot evade the fiery pit,
but must zip along, leaping,
singed whiskers and tail to show for the buffeting,
hearts singing with triumph
at the Going Through.

This time the road ahead is unknown.
She will need all of her strongest medicine.
Stalwart, she readies her heart 
for the rocky cliff,
the stumbling stones,
the mountain pass.

But when she comes to a fork in the trail,
surprisingly, the arrow points left
into a field of daffodils.
There is a pond, and food
and a comfortable den
all waiting for her.
She is told to lay her burden down
and stay within the sunshine
for a time. 

the Wise One says,
"your travel plans
have been changed.
You may rest upon the earth
a little longer, after all."

Astonished at her unexpected deliverance,
Traveler sinks down among the flowers,
looks around the sunny alpine meadow,
raises grateful eyes to the sky,
and awaits the unfolding
of yet another spring.


  1. Sometimes it happens that we gain another day or something is easy beyond our wildest expectations. It could happen, and I love the release of anxiety when it happens to this travelling wolf who is used to carrying a burden and moving forward
    "with one eye on the windy trees,
    the other on the rocky path
    under her feet."
    Daffodils! Wonderful.

  2. All journeys have potential for surprises, I am sure the traveler has many Springs to come. Take care Sherry. I know the medical treatments have begun and they are trying. My heart is with you.

  3. May the Wolf woman have many more springs to enjoy...Peace be with you

  4. So happy to hear the Wolf Woman sing...may this spring see the flowers more abundant, the sky bluer, and each day a brighter star.

  5. If you listen carefully there's a melodious sound of the whistling wind coming from underneath the wings of all Wolf Woman's Angel friends.

  6. I think the "Wise One" has yet plans for the Wolf Woman. The way ahead may be unknown...but you can walk it with confidence!

  7. Oh, what a sigh of relief for that weary but valiant Traveler. Put a lump in my throat...the beauty that is you.

  8. This is wondrous and wow, I wrote about daffodils today!!! So, glad the travel plans have changed-sunshine will lift your wings! ((hugs))

  9. Good news and daffodils take the edge off the journey - enjoy.

  10. This sounds like good news, and reads like something sweet on the tongue. Rest and daffodils go very well together--some of mine are already up, green spears in the snow, cheering the winter heart.

  11. We walk with faith and trust the journey...

  12. Ah ... yes, lay in that field of daffodils. It is so right.

  13. raises grateful eyes to the sky,
    and awaits the unfolding
    of yet another spring.

    How wonderful it is to welcome back the greenery from the drab cold. All travelers should stay put and savor the lushness. Nicely Sherry!



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