Saturday, February 9, 2013


Yesterday my older daughter, Lisa, and I drove up and over the mountain pass 
(where there still is snow  alongside the road), and went to South Beach, on the west coast, an hour and a half from here. 

This is one of my favorite views, to the left of the Wickanninish Centre.

Lisa and Penny Joy

A sign alongside the trail warned of cougar and wolves in the area - it is that hungry time for critters, at the end of winter. It gave me pause, as Penny is snack-sized, and there were eagles about, also a threat, but we carried on, as I was so desperate to see South Beach. Thankfully the critters minded their manners and stayed away. Though I did hear an eagle's cry, within the forest.

Wild Woman and Brand New Cane, which I love!

Sigh. Incredible to have lived in such beauty for ten years. It blew me away daily, never became "old". The air smells invigorating there. The "energy" is stimulating and alive.  I so miss it.

The waves were strong and roiling, with a very strong undertow. Penny had a wonderful time on the beach, running and digging and rolling in the sand. But then she ran right into the water. I hollered for Lisa who was thankfully close by. She ran into the waves to pluck Penny out just before the wave would have taken her away. She said she could feel the sand clawing at her boots, that's how strong it was. 

Even humans get swept off these rocks and disappear. When I lived there, one summer a young teen was plucked off the cliffs at South Beach, his body never found. That has happened more times than one would think, at various locations along the coast. People who live there know the power of the waves, but many tourists dont, and go too close to the edge for safety.

So we were lucky, as yesterday might have turned out very badly. Thankfully, Penny is safe.

 Relieved, after the rescue

On our way home, we passed the Kennedy Lake Bridge where the blockades  were held the summer of '93, and I reflected on those amazing days  of my life.

Catching a glimpse of the beautiful reflections in the lake, we had to pull over and snap some shots.......they dont show up too well here, but were spectacular in person. The lake was a mirror, and every cloud and mountaintop was exquisitely framed.

The day replenished my spirit.
I must get there more often,
in good weather.


  1. What a blessing to behold the beach and be engulfed in nature's serenity ~ Thanks for the lovely pictures dear ~ I wish you a happy weekend despite the cold cold winter ~

  2. What a wonderful day you had, Sherry. I can really see why you love that area so much. Beautiful scenery indeed. How lucky that Lisa was able to get Penny before she was swept away with the waves!! I hope that you will have a chance to return again soon.

  3. I had to come over to admire the view! What amazes me is that the evergreen forest grows right down to the shore. It looks cold, and lonely and balm for an unquiet mind. Thanks for sharing the journey with us, Sherry.

  4. So beautiful in that cold winter way!
    February 8 was a snow day in Ontario--40 cm here! nice to see your photos!

  5. Wonderful! I so love the reflection of clouds~ And all that you shared!
    I long for the perfume of the sea :D
    So happy Lisa n' Penny got you there and that Penny is safe~ Glad you were able to go home :D

  6. Stunning! You are a fortunate woman to have lived there and to be able to get back there from time to time.

    The new cane is pretty snazzy too!

  7. I'm so happy for you. A day with your daughter, her little dog and all the beauty you could swallow I one gulp. Marvelous -your day and these wonderful pictures.

  8. Dear Sherry, you are a brave woman, to be able to return as you did on that day. I hope you do get back often. It is a beautiful place!

  9. Such majesty - nature so spectacular, and yes, dangerous. We must show it respect. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and the story of your day.

  10. What a wild and wonderful place!

  11. i want to go there! so. badly. oh to visit you! so magnificent, your surroundings, how beautiful, you and your daughter. (and how cute, that little pup too)

  12. Envy you the ability to get out and about. The trip sounds wonderful and replenishing. The photos are great. Congratulations!


  13. The beauty, the endless beauty. I am so glad that you once lived here and know how much you miss it. You translate this beauty to us to the world each time that you write. Love your cane too.


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