Tuesday, February 5, 2013



The swans are at the river today,
the gray swollen river,
under the gray sky.

"To understand a swan,
you have to learn
how to cry,"
my son once told me,
with that other-worldly look
in his eye.

The swans are at the river today,
bridging worlds of earth and sky,
so I'll spend some time, there,
watching them
glide by.


  1. That's probably just the look of synapses misfiring, but there's no denying the poetry in what he said. Take it from someone who uses swans fairly often in her poetry. I like this one, Sherry, it's contemplative and affecting.

  2. I wish I could see them with you~
    I love the bridge and how nature helps us transcend :D

  3. There is a peacefulness to this. I too want to sit and watch them glide by. 'Lovely' may be overdone as a comment but I can't resist using it here.

  4. Sherry, this poem is beautifully dense with meaning. I also like the construction of the poem AND the rhyme. I personally also love to watch swans.......but I will content myself today with picturing them through your words.

  5. This felt familiar, as if I had walked here with you "bridging worlds of earth and sky. . . ." A brightness amid the grey--very fine and simply stated.

  6. I love watching swans ... they have a peaceful aura around them !!!


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