Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love Song to Planet Earth

You sing to me your beauty,
so I am always happy.
Your sunrises and sunsets show me 
what heaven must look like,
so I am in awe,
standing, starstruck,
gazing at the sky,
living this miracle of radiance
with a gratitude of eye.

Your forests green I walk through,
your ancient trees
singing to me
their song of All of Time.
My feet leap with joy
the length of your sandy beaches
stretching to forever,
my heart lifting at the glorious music
of your billowing waves,
my eyes following the pathways
of seabirds wheeling free
over shining waters,
answering their call,
and I am in love,
   in love,
     in love,
       in love with it all.

I am in love 
with your billion stars,
night's panoply of mystery,
of the Great Beyond,
in love with the daybreak,
creeping over the land,
in love with end-of-day
and its softening into dusky darkness.
You sprinkle my dreams with starshine,
polish golden my noontime hours,
scatter creatures all over the landscape
for my delight,
as if into the very heavens
I have blundered,
and I am always,
       forever in wonder.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!The appreciation for all the beauty in nature comes through in a lovely way in this poem.

  2. Love all the details of a life lived with gratitude and appreciation. Lovely, Sherry.

  3. There is so much beauty on earth and the heavens. Your poem is definitely a good reminder to us to remember and reflect on this daily!

  4. Beautiful and I feel the same way!
    You expressed this in glorious details :D

  5. How beautifully you write about the wonders of earth. You are such a loving person Sherry, that's why the earth loves you back.

  6. I love hearing the love song from nature, here and beyond our sky ~ Your words are a gift, we should never lose the feeling of awe and wonder ~

  7. Beautiful, wonderful poem. I find my joy, my, spirit, my heaven in nature. You have expressed your ecstasy so that it resonates through the atmosphere.

  8. Agreed! What' a great feeling...wonder.

    Thanks for the comments on my recent poem; it had been a rough sketch until today.


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