Friday, September 7, 2012

The Music of Pain

The music transports me
back to the arena. 
It is 1960,
a hand is held out,
we take the floor
and dance.

People notice and, slowly,
couples stop dancing
and draw back.
A circle forms  
around us 
and they watch.
We give it
all we have.

When the music stops,

Just fourteen,
and not yet knowing
why the music
was always about

At Real Toads Marian set us a musical challenge, with the blues of Barbara Lynn. Listening to her vidclips, I was transported back to my dancing days, the angst of teenage years, the blind puppyish fumbling search for Love, the daydreams and the hope that one day my great romance would begin. I had  witnessed spousal abuse as a child. I sang all of the women singers' sad songs, wailing mournfully in my bedroom by the hour, dreaming my dreams. Oh yes, this music took me back.


  1. Oh, those last words say it all - the hubris of youth, the understanding that only comes with age.

  2. Ah yes, Sherry. So much music is about pain, isn't it? - breakups, love gone sour, etc. I don't think young people DO stop to think about it. They just dance...which is okay! There's time enough...

  3. i remember those dancers we cleared the floor for and circled around, You were the best partners dancers and we were all learning how. Total applause! Innocence, was so innocent that I never even thought about it, though we sang the words. guess I assumed they were about the girls and boys--mostly girls--who were gone "to the farm."

  4. So much we don't know at that age....sometimes it almost seems ignorance is this post Sherry. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  5. So true we are too soon in life about pain and so true music is a good reminder of all our past...

  6. Great piece. I think you captured it so well. And your final stanza is so perfectly poignant.

  7. Gorgeous closing lines. Really good write, Sherry.

  8. yes, sherry, truly. wow. i could see that couple, i could see YOU there. maybe the kids didn't know why those songs were all about pain, but they did know, as you know. you know? heh. i love this poem.

  9. Weren't those clips mind blowing? Yeah, strong women musicians. As far as the songs about pain, I had mastered "Lush Life" at 16 (long before I lived it) and always sang the mournful ballads with the most intensity. I love this vignette, Sherry. Love, Amy

  10. Killer ending. I used to spend a lot of time in country western bars and now any of that kind of music I hate b/c it reminds me of a difficult time in my life. Plus, it's so sad.

  11. Why is the music all about pain! Strange how the most meaningful songs seer the soul with heartache! From dream to inner scream! Lovely poem!

  12. Love the ending...You have captured a moment so poignantly. Love it!

  13. It's a nostalgic happening the world over. The 60's were fun days. Elvis, Cliff,the Beatles,Connie Francis were all in it. We came in all agog in anticipation. Thanks for the memories Sherry!



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