Sunday, September 2, 2012

Believe in Love

photo from google

Wild Woman says
the secret of Love
must be to believe in it,
to quell Doubt,
to trust that
one day will follow the next
with no Leaving.

Wild Woman once feared 
the Leaving
too much to enjoy 
the Love.
Too late, smart,
too old, wise.

Young People:
plunge in
without fear.
The staying or the leaving
occur as they will.
Enjoy the moment of joy.
Embrace it with all of your heart,
all of your hope.

All Love is a gift.
All Love is
created and maintained
and is ours to enjoy
Right Now.


  1. Maybe we need to age, to feel its pain, grow wiser from it all before we can truly understand what real love is and, how unconditional it ought to be, like our dogs love us, without condition.
    Another beautiful poem Sherry.

  2. I've been gone Sherry, and glad to be back.

    Your poem is wonderful. "All love is a gift." I hope we appreciate it and take full advantage.

  3. Indeed young people don't seem to be hesitant to jump in..still not sure that is always wise though. But if one REALLY believes in a love, one SHOULD not let the opportunity pass.

  4. All we need is love. I also loved the last verse. "All love is a gift."

  5. Wise words, Sherry. The sad thing is, I don't think one becomes fearful of the leaving until one suffers it. When we're young, we leap right in, believing in "happily ever after." After we learn that life isn't a fairy tale, it's hard to regain that trust. So many never do.

  6. True love is readily available at animal shelters all over! Go and find a happy new soul mate!

  7. Beautiful... and true love IS a gift.

  8. Better late than never!

    " Too late, smart,
    too old, wise."


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