Saturday, September 8, 2012

On the Road

Hi kids, this program will be interrupted for a few days, while I take a little jaunt to Victoria to visit my youngest, Stephanie. I will also be attending a k.d. lang concert and am stoked about that. I heard her at the music festival this summer but was too far away to see her properly. This time will get to see and hear, and will totally enjoy it. She so rocks.

I'll be back Monday afternoon and will scurry around trying - yet again - to get caught up. Has anyone ever managed that, do you know? I certainly havent, and I have now been glued to my chair for two long days:)

Have a great weekend, kids......back soon!


  1. Travel well and have a lovely time. (I feel a little envious about KD Lang, but I will get over it. I'm not much good braving crowds anymore.)

  2. Be still my heart ~~ k.d. Lang!! I will have the image of her performing at the Winter Olympics embedded in my brain forever!!

  3. Have a great time, Sherry!! Sounds like a winner of a weekend.

  4. Enjoy yourself, Ma'am! You have the week-end cut out for yourself!



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