Friday, September 28, 2012

A dVerse Cento

My beloved South Chesterman's Beach

This week, I find Sam Peralta's prompt at dVerse Poets Pub very intriguing: to compose a Cento, which is described as taking lines from other peoples' poems and creating a new poem with their lines, in effect creating a new poem. Sam wrote a wonderful Cento based on lines from the Diary of Ann Frank.

I decided to try this using lines I stumbled upon from some of the poets who post at dVerse, to make it more fun and also because the very talented folk who gather there knock my socks off with their writing, on a daily basis. I had so much fun I could have gone on and on, but had mercy, and the poem did seem to stop. Enjoy. Below, I list the names of the poets in the order their lines were included.

Do stop by dVerse and read offerings from many fine poets.

What is it that you see with your eyes closed?

Try to sleep like you're sleeping, 
              instead of like you're drowning.
Don't give up on these outrageous dreams 
        of belonging somewhere as unique as you are.
I will be the difficult path and I will be 
              the reason the path is difficult.

Looking up at the naked branches, I try not to worry
            about how many leaves I have remaining.
And your tears come like the muse,
            unexpected but greatly appreciated.

In a pregnant moment of silence, stars fade,
           as our sun sends its first rays 
               across the mountains.
Autumnal blessings held in a deep blue moment
               awaken to joy.

Sam Peralta
Shawnacy Kiker
Amy Barlow Liberatore
Shawnacy Kiker
Buddah Moskowitz

Brian Miller
Laura Hegfield


  1. Wow Sherry what a fantastic job you have done with the incredible talent from dverse. I am sure they will be honored by this piece.

  2. Sherry, this is amazing! So touching n' intimately written~
    I love how enchanting and personal it was! Stunning, with so much wonderful imagery!!!! WOW~ :D

  3. How very innovative, Sherry! Others write of poets of recent times. But you had cleverly picked from our great contemporaries. Just see how these jived most smoothly! Great!


  4. Beautifully combined words, Sherry.

  5. Well done - and very clever, to use lines from poets in the community! That's earned a link on the front page of my website! :-)

  6. wow! terrific and so clever! k.

  7. ha honored to be included...and very cool in how you wove all that came out lovely and flows perfect....and with feeling....well played...smiles...

  8. I like the poem that resulted, however you came by it--I see what I will awaken to, and it is Joy!

  9. Brilliant Sherry - and very nicely done too ... it flows like fine wine with all our contemporaries providing the vintage ... a lovely cento.

  10. Sherry you are a wonderful person....I loved your work here....

  11. very cool that you took lines from dVerse poets..and you wove them together to a beautiful veil, swinging so peacefully in the autumn sky..

  12. Clever to use the words of the community and then weave it into this loem

  13. Wow Sherry... you did an AB FAB job with this. Using Poets you read is a wonderful take on the prompt and you turned it into your own something beautiful!

  14. such a beautiful re-weaving and integration of our words. Sherry, you have emphasized the ONEness that we truly are. I am honored to see my haiku as the finale to this exquisite cento, thank you.

  15. So creative, Sherry... and very clever to use our friends!

  16. Beautiful, Sherry. Love the way you opened with a question on subconsciousness and closed with an awakening with a blessing. Very lovely and gorgeous borrowed pieces.

  17. I love this Sherry. You did such a good job with this. The poem is so serene, like a prayer, but more profound. Nice that you used blog poets.

  18. A fine cento, weaving beautiful lines from our community. A fine poem, and a lovely homage to fine poets. I liked it very much!

  19. Pretty cool, Sherry! I am now going to write a cento using one of your lines!

  20. I love it that you chose "our" poets!


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