Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That's How I Roll

Kids, I feel like a six year old on Christmas morning. It took me all summer, but tonight I finally got the bike I have been working towards. It is a three wheeled trike for adults. One would think, with three wheels, that it would be less tippy than a two wheeler, which is why I bought it. BUT! It turns out, it pulls to the right and if there is any slope to the road, it veers off into the ditch with every pedal push - at least when I ride it.

Much cackling (videos below).

My sister managed to ride it, allowing as to how it does pull to the right. She is strong enough to fight the pull. Me, not so much.

However, I persevered, with many stops and redirecting, a few yards down - to the first curve in the road, and back. Leaning far to the left to compensate for it pulling to the right, which should help impending hunchbackedness along nicely. A neighbor boy hovered, giving encouragement, as did the dogs all up and down the street.

Then I had to come in and have a little drinkie to recover. Hee hee. (Maybe I should have had it BEFORE riding!)

Tomorrow I will try again. Once I get used to:
steering and
remembering I have brakes - all at the same time - I should make some progress. 

I will not give up.
I will do this thing!

FLAT roads would make it so much easier - ones without ditches on the right hand side would be nice. I may have to find a nice neighborhood airport runway to practice on.

BUT! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Absolutely luxurious, and I love it. 

Here are the vidclips: Cackle One and Cackle Two. 

That's how I roll, folks.......cackling all the way to the Funny Farm!


  1. I love this, it is beautiful! I love seeing you and hearing you laugh!
    YOU have an infectious laugh :D
    I am so HAPPY for you! How bike gives me wings and yours will soon! Keep at will get use to it and be flying around real soon! This is wonderful :D

  2. I cannot catch my breath I'm laughing so hard! I think you are one brave woman ... two wheels, three wheels .. I'm sticking with two feet for now.
    So glad you enjoyed k.d. .. knew you would!

  3. Love it! It sounds like you're having so much fun. I couldn't help but wonder what the little tyke down the street was thinking.

  4. What fun!! You will be riding it like a pro in no time! I love your "cackles" :)

  5. Ride on! :D So nice to hear your cackling and see you in action. :) Roll on! :D

  6. Laughter and barking and video and glee--there is a poem in here. I leave refreshed.

    Good luck with the transport!

  7. PS: Another fine interview at Poets United!

  8. So glad you have your trike, Sherry. It really is cool. I played the videos this morning. They caused my dogs to run around barking trying to find the one who was 'cackling.' LOL. You should have seen them!!

  9. You got it!! Yayyyy!

    It sounds to me as if your right rear wheel is probably not turning freely. Check to see that nothing is impeding it. Make sure the brake is adjusted away from the wheel. If it pulls right, something is stopping that wheel or making it slow. Make sure the tire is fully inflated, and that neither the fender nor the basket are rubbing against the wheel, slowing it.

  10. If it pulls to the right, it does sound as if something is holding the wheel, check to see that the brake pads on the right wheel aren't too close and maybe gripping when they shouldn't be. You will be fine in a couple of days. Just get used to it before you go off on a 20 mile hike ;)
    Smiled big seeing you and hearing the laughter :)

  11. Yippee for you, Sherry! I just got a bike, too! I live in a mesquite bosque in the foothills and LOVE soaring down a steep road with the wind in my face. Feels like flying!

  12. You're doing great Sherry. Now, I want one too, but I'd probably not survive the hills here.

  13. Love this, Sherry. First, what an amazing gift you inherited from your grandmother...a true treasure.

    And then that bike your laugh...made me laugh right along with you. I was wondering if maybe the bike needs some "tweaking" or something to keep it from listing to the you think a bike shop could help? Or maybe it is the slope-y road you're riding on. Anyway, I enjoyed this so much.

    Gayle ~

  14. Ha ha...just how I imagine I would be getting back onto a bike! I imagine you're getting accustomed to it by now...time for new video...:)


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