Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Come Back To Me

I was thinking yesterday
of a little wolfish face,
brand-new and questioning
his big new world.

Perhaps, by now,
you have been reborn
as a new little pup.
I will watch for you.

Find me,
as you found me

Come back to me.


  1. Such a darling picture. One of my cats,Trevor, died a few years a go and he had the sweetest personality. He was a stray I took in. One rainy evening my husband heard a cat meowing outside in the rain. Long story short we took him in and I swear he was Trevor reincarnated. Bindi Lu has the same personality and is even a striped tabby like Trevor was.

  2. aw. This is a pretty fine "I love you" message.

  3. He will Sherry, one day, he will come back to you. Believe.
    He was such a cute little puppy. I would have taken him too, in a heartbeat.

  4. So sweet, Sherry. But as you watch for him, keep in mind that he may return in a new form, eager to be a part of your life again.

  5. so sweet, i cried. they do, it happened to me :) xx

  6. This reminds me of a David Cook song titled "Come Back To Me." What a great photo, Sherry. And I do believe he will come back,


  7. This is so adorable and heartfelt!
    I love what you wrote and I know you will both know, when you find each other again! Keep looking Sherry <3

  8. So endearing, Sherry- believe... nothing's impossible.

  9. Sherry, as Ella says......keep looking. Pup will appear again to you. He may not look like your old Pup, but he will appear.

    And if he does not appear to you, he will appear to someone else; and another 'love' will appear to you. Embrace it when it happens.

    Love will appear again...I know.

  10. As everyone says - this manages to be adorable and a bit heart-breaking. Well, the picture is adorable - the poem is so easy to relate to. Just lovely. k.

    ps - my dog just turned 17.

  11. This is simply beautiful Sherry, especially because it can be felt deeply in the heart.


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