Thursday, September 6, 2012

Septembers I Have Known


fall comes in
on little puppy paws
that gambol joyously
through the crunchy leaves

cavort through
every muddy puddle


plunge into
every bouncy pile
of crumpled maple 

baby boys
their first leafy mountain

and baby pups
their brand new world
trusting eyes

there are deer
in the fields
as autumn nears -
bears are feeding
on blackberry and apple

some mornings
there is a hint of wood-smoke
oakey and delicious

and evenings, now,
have that smell of late summer
remembered from childhood
as the crickets chirp
the evening in

is Planet Earth
honed to

amber sunlight
bending willows
poplars swaying
like tall sentinels
as the month
bridges us
from hot summer
to winter chill

we savor the warmth
and mellowness
which will not last

and recognize
another summer's

Another summer has passed, kids......September has always been my favorite month, especially here, where summer heat is too intense for this ocean seabird. In the photos are Jasmine and Lukey as puppies, and Damian as a baby, when he lived here on the farm.

They all grow so fast, and the years fly by waaaaaaaaaaay too fast. 

Posted for Ella's prompt at Poets United's Think Tank Thursday: signs of autumn


  1. Wonderful photos, and wonderful memories!

    All pups and all children grow....way too fast!

  2. A charming description of the season, Sherry. September is my favourite month, too...I always want to stretch it out longer, but time does fly by so swiftly.

    I love the pictures of Lukey and Jas with their muddy paws, and little Damian is sooo cute buried in the leaves!

  3. Awww such beautiful pics Sherry all of them!
    Your poem is so gentle and filled with such good descriptions I could almost smell some of the wood smoke and the tree foliage in its musky dampness.
    A really lovely piece.
    I like early fall but, neither Chloe or I like what comes all too quickly behind it. Yuck. Don't mind the snow but, it's the shoveling and the ice we both don't enjoy at all. lol

  4. Love the pics. September is def a good month. I was born in it. But autumn still looks far away to me. It's way too hot here.

  5. Nice to have kept photos of days gone by. Days of memories for us but discoveries for the young. Beautiful pics Sherry and wonderful rendition!


  6. Such sweet photos that blend perfectly with your poetic images. Loved all of it, gave my heart a tug. Wishing for woodsmoke and a nip in the air. Thank you for the poetic wander down my favorite time of year :-)

  7. Lovely pictures Sherry ~ I love fall as little puppy paws and babies exploring the leafy mountain ~ Time sure flies fast ~

  8. Ah, "try to remember the kind of September..."

    Lovely Sherry.

  9. Such a vivid piece! This puts me in the perfect fall mood.

  10. I love the photos and how you captured so much beauty in this poem!
    Gorgeous...the photos, the sights and smells and the tender photos that make me wish for puppy paws n' little ones ;D

  11. Sherry,

    You have captured about everything there is to say about autumn. I too love the season as it heralds a time of togetherness preparing for the onset of winter. Time for great outdoor fun as well:)
    Loved your photos Sherry.
    Best Wishes,

  12. Just a neat, crunchy poem. I enjoyed it so much.

  13. Ohhhhhhh. Oh, Sherry. I SO want to be there. Such gorgeous descriptions. And oh, that September were like that here. Here, October and November are fantastic. September is still almost 100 degrees, and this year, also humid. Whew. I LOVE this piece.

  14. Sherry, this is a beautiful Ode to September kind of poem!

  15. Really vivid images, I could smell that smoke - oh no that's my breakfast burning - haha just kidding, great poem SBS.

  16. I love the puppies! They look so much like Kersey did when she was a pup. The oaky smell of the wood fires took me there. I love this season too.

  17. i love September because my grandson was born on the 10th and my daughter on the 30th.

    really enjoyed your poem, Sherry!


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