Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The Budget truck turned the corner,
and there it was:
Long Beach spread out before me,
and a huge fiery red-orange sun,
just slipping down behind the mountains.

We pulled into the driveway
under the ancient cedars
and stepped onto the deck.

The sound of the waves
whooshing in and out
made my spirit sing,
the sight and the sound 
that would companion 
the next ten years
taking up residence
in my heart.

In the bay,
white-topped waves
like horses' manes
galloping into shore,
a small whale
then dove.

Above, eagles cried
and wheeled.

And I
was Home.

At Poetry Jam, the prompt is "If I could have just a moment.......", to describe a moment that was a turning point in your life. This definitely was mine. I lived joyfully for ten glorious years there, in the home of my spirit. I now live an hour and a half away and it is much too far. My heart is yearning to travel up and over the mountain pass. I need a beach walk before the winter rains hit. Soon.


  1. I love this Sherry! I think when we find a place that speaks to our soul, a little piece of our hearts always remains there, no matter where our journey through life takes us. Sounds like a beautiful place indeed.

  2. Oh wow! A most stunning descriptive piece! Really enjoyed! :)

  3. What a wonderful MOMENT you have described, Sherry....the moment when you knew you were home. And it sounds as if it still is home for your spirit. Everyone needs such a place!!

  4. wow...sounds like a wonderful full of life...i would have loved all the animals and the waves....they give me rhythm...

  5. How incredibly fortunate you are. So many rushing through life's moments miss what you found in yours. A sense of place should be more than an anchor, it should always be a beginning.


  6. Beautiful serenity! Home and a wonderfully described place! I love it!

  7. YOU soar

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  8. "the sight and the sound
    that would companion
    the next ten years"

    Beautiful phrase! and then the horses, the whale, the eagles . . . knowing Home. An ode to a best companion, loving to be home. What might prevent your beach walk before the winter? Do go!

  9. I especially loved the image of the waves as horses' manes... that gave me such a beautiful picture... it's such a wonderful feeling... coming home. I liked how this made me feel.

  10. Congrats! Beautiful words for a great achievement!

  11. Beautiful. I can see why you loved it. And your love came through so wonderfully in your poem.

  12. I like this captured moment so much and so wish you could still be by that ocean home. First I thought you were talking about Long Beach, California, but soon realized it could not be!

  13. Home is definitely where the heart is. Beautiful pic!

  14. a wonderful moment and wonderful words, Sherry.

    and thank you... i often say i don't know why i live in the desert and you just reminded me. we had lived in Phoenix for a few years when i was a child. in 1975 i moved back and i had completely forgotten the feeling as i came over a mountain to a view of the valley and the feeling of being home.

  15. Then, go, don't talk it do it.. before it's too late in the year to go.
    I know how you feel about this. I can't get by without being close to the water too. It feeds my soul.
    Beautiful poem Sherry.

  16. I can hear that sigh of relief, of contentment. Here's too many more beach walks (and soon.)

  17. Gorgeous...hope you do get to return often and enjoy it!

  18. This is just beautiful, Sherry. There is indeed nothing as sweet as being home and knowing you belong there. A special poem, a special place.

  19. HI Sherry! It is a wonderful thing when we find a home that we can resonate with so completely! Really a gorgeous piece of writing!


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