Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interior Monologue of a Raging Granny

Raging Grannies from google

Well, just off the top of my head
and in no particular order,
under all my shiny hopefulness
and Be The Change smirking,
there just may be a rant or two lurking.

It's the plight of the poor
in this high-cost-of-living world,
tax breaks for the rich
and corporate bailouts
are  a b-tch.
It's resource sell-outs,
governments all chummy with 
the rapers and the pillagers,
and let's just steamroll right over
all the local villagers.

It's everything going to hell,
our leaders jockeying
for re-election
while the ozone burns,
no one brave enough to legislate 
the necessary changes
to save the planet
(and our sorry asses)
before it completely

Don't get me started about what drugs 
have done to the world,
or the fact that old people
are mashing their food 
to death with their tongues
because they cant afford a dentist.
In this system that can be so cruel, 
they haven't got many teeth
(would someone please pass me the gruel?
or at least some used dentures bequeath?) 

They're ripping down low rent buildings
to install  condos for the rich
while more and more  poor
are squeezed onto the streets.
Some kids are thin and hungry
cause their dads are deadbeats.
No, inside this grandma's brain 
is not always 

A homeless woman died 
last winter  outside 
the empty shelter,
bylaws kept it closed,
while the poor woman froze.
Council seems  unable
to make a freaking decision.
Please forgive my frustration 
and my derision.

It's animals abused and frightened
who can't run away,
and children who do run away
to worse than
what they
It's violence and hopelessness
and misery and rape,
while the disconnected ask:
Would someone 
peel me a grape?

It's chickens living life
in cages to grow us some meat,
cows pumped with 
drugs and hormones,
oozing pus from their teats,
and us ingesting this misery
every time we eat.

It's human beings so thin their skin 
barely covers their bones,
crawling across the desert 
so many deaf to their moans.
I see them in my sleep.
I cant stop picturing that,
and all of us in North America
complain because we're too fat.

It's the environment,
its own long  
descending disaster
speeding up
ever faster and faster,
while nothing happens
              nothing happens
                   nothing happens
to avert total

But (and I'm smiling here, at last,
I still have hope -
when you asked me for a monologue
you gave me so much rope)
while I do care so much 
about all these things,
"It's a beautiful world"
is still the song that I
choose to sing.
Humans can be great,
and if we kick it into gear
and shift the global consciousness
it will be worth the wait.

It's not a perfect world
but it's the one we've got.
We're sisters and brothers
of the same Earth Mother,
so we have to love this world
and help each other.

Besides, no one listens
when old raging 
eco-warrior grannies
so I'll go back now
to sweetening
my refrain.

Kerry over at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads set us a challenge on Wednesday to write an inner monologue..........I always have a lot of those going on in my head so I tapped in........warning: Potentially Depressing, but the good news is, it ends, hee hee.


  1. Oh Sherry, I love this. It's as if you're inside my head. Your rants are mine too, only you express them better.

    Grannies Unite!!! And follow Sherry. Would you consider running for office?

  2. That was a lot all at once, Sherry, each issue hot and powerful. I came back and read it all again once I discovered Conservative ranters on my Facebook page. I might put it your poem up there word for word--talk about no one listens to grannies! Political, not political? I don't care as long as its poetry and not --wait a minute-- I feel a poem rant coming on. And Obama will talk tonight, thank God. He's not perfect, but I've got to vote for someone who will keep corporations from taking over.

  3. My goodness, that definitely is a pretty all-inclusive rant, Sherry!!

  4. Spectacular ... a manifesto if ever there was one!!! Brava, brava!!

  5. Fighting the good fight, keeping the Faith, completing the race, well done Sherry, well doing, well do.

  6. What about us grandpas? We've a lot to pick on as well. The issues are basically the same. We the downtrodden 99%, try as much to be heard. The influential and the moneyed are given the attention and we look for what's left. Pity! Wonderfully rendered Sherry!


  7. This should be sub-titled "Don't get me started!"

    In times past, the older members of clans and tribes were venerated for their wisdom, and the young turned to them for help and guidance. It is such a pity that this is not the way of today, because there is so much wisdom, compassion and plain common sense to be found in your poem, Sherry.

  8. Great job! You cover a lot of territory! I love raging grannies -you know in New York City, where I spend most of my time, there are demonstrations every once in a while. I was involved in several protests against the Iraq War when it first began, and I remember being so moved by all the Grannies- a big block of them marching, mainly in pink .k.

  9. ps - thanks for your kind comments. My poor old 17 year old dog is quite comfortable and inveterately cute, but unfortunately also quite blind. She is still very game though. k.

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  11. I agree with Kerry all the way...I wish they'd go to you for the plain truth with a wisdom frosting...this is such excellence, Sherry...truly well thought...written...the part about the food makes me sick...I've seen this, too and it makes me want to buy local always and or become a vegetarian.

    Thank you for your honesty.

  12. Way to go, my dear. You rock!
    Love, K

  13. Excellent and truthful write ... the email came thru on 3G but it was too weak for the actual poem to open up ... so here I am at home and tickled pink to read it.

  14. Well said, my sage friend...a rant befitting the Wild Woman! I love your mixture of wisdom and humour, and the wrap-up is great...

    "We're sisters and brothers
    of the same Earth Mother,
    so we have to love this world
    and help each other."

    So true. Count me in as a Raging Granny who'll try to keep a lid on it...:)


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