Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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One from the archives this morning, kids. I'm at my desk but a little under the weather, so I plucked this one to offer you. I was walking Pup down at the end of our road that day, thinking about the stressful time I was going through, when I looked up to see several rainbows arcing across the sky. It was glorious. These lines began coming as I gazed in wonder.......

When you are hanging onto
the very last edge
of the edge
of the skinniest branch,
and you feel your grasp slipping,
look up!
There's a sky full of rainbows,
row upon row of them,
shining up there,
to tell you that
   all will be well
        all will be well
            all will be exceedingly well.
God's in His heaven
in the so clear air,
and all will be
exceedingly well.

When the grayest of rain clouds
has just dumped its deluge
upon you,
and you are mopping your eyes
and wringing out your hair,
look quickly!
You just might glimpse
the shine of angel wings
hovering there,
at the very edge of
your peripheral vision,
to encourage you and I
that, on the other side
of this trauma
or sadness or challenge,
the radiant dawn
of a brand new day
lies somewhere
just waiting
to break across your
morning sky.

When you have reached
the very limit
of what you feel you can
or should
when the stress has
weighed you down so far,
you're not sure exactly
how you will
pull through,
go out to where the water
the mountain.
See the waterfall
tumble down its slopes
for you.
Watch the eagle
lift out of the mist
into the shrouded skies.
Take a deep breath
and believe,
just like the eagle,
your spirit, too,
your spirit once more
will rise.

* This photo is of the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador,
and was posted at Our Beautiful World and Universe
which you can also find on Facebook. They have the most
amazing photos.


  1. "go out to where the water
    the mountain."

    And all the rest of the poem. All of this could be missed by forgetting to look up, but I believe it is possible that what we don't see is also present. This is a great rerun. Timely today!

  2. Sherry, this is a real energizer on a wet cool day in Ontario!

  3. Sweet one - we gotta dig out the beauty - just like this!

  4. When we think we've reached the very end of our tether, we usually discover, we have't.
    This is so lovely Sherry. The pic is gorgeous too. Something magical about rainbows, isn't there!
    Hope you feel better now.

  5. Beautiful, Sherry. Yes we will always rise. We have to believe that for our own well being.

  6. Thank you for your rainbows Sherry. When you walked that morning with pup,I can imagine a nice walk that I might have shared with you. you are too kind.:)

  7. Gracias Sherry,mi amiga, I needed to read this. It helped me gather my self and provide me once again with a momentary view upon that alternate choice of 'rainbow colors'.
    I'm presently in a mist where my creative bucket is not only indiscernable but has a temporary lid. It's not a 'funk' but just not accessible due to attention being directed toward other salient needs.

    It was good to take time, though, and finding this soulful reprieve.

    Gracias mi amiga and hope things are well. Hasta luego.

  8. When things do not jive, when the world seems like crumbling, look up to the sky. Yes, colors of inspiration would peek out of the clouds to offer solutions! Nice thoughts Sherry!


  9. Beautiful....inspiring..
    Loved the last stanza very much...


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