Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Universe.........

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I am feeling like I'm in a bit
over my head right now.

Will you please remind me that:

I am never sent more
than I can handle
(even if I whine
and complain a lot
while I'm "handling")?

That everything happens
for a reason
(though I can't think why
some of this stuff
really needed
to happen.)

That it is just Life,
and the only thing
I can control
is my response
to what happens,
the grace or lack of it
I feel capable of
at the time,
because I guess
I'm allowed
to have my moments of
human weakness
when it all seems
like too
damned much.

That I know,
in the grand scheme
of things,
there are a lot of people
going through
a lot worse stuff
right now,
by far,
on this old planet.....
some for decades
of "right now's"
that have no end.

That this, too, shall pass
and become a small blip
on the radar screen
of my life.

That life
is inexorably
leading me
a convoluted path
which will hopefully
bring me a few more
unexpected turns
and neat surprises
before it ends,

and that this day,
this week,
this month,
even this year,
while it can definitely
be improved upon,
is the day, week,
month, year
that I have and,
as such,
is precious?

Can you please
remind me to
be grateful
even when
I don't feel
like doing
what I'm doing,
even when
it gets hard,
even if it gets
much harder,
it is still life
and, thus, a gift,
in whatever guise
or disguise
it comes wrapped in?

Thank you.

I really needed that pep talk.

Peace, out.


  1. sherry... i must admit your writing is getting better and better... and is thoroughly enjoyable... probably the result of being pickled beautifully in your blog :)

  2. Maya, that amazes me, because I feel my writing is so much les inspired and flowing than it was in years past. However I am happy to be writing anything, at this point, and keep on, hoping the Muse will return. Thank you for your kind comment, though. It perked me up after a totally sleepless night:)

  3. Me too! Thank you for the pep talk. I believe Sherry if we lived near each other we would have so much fun having afternoon coffee dates. I agree you are getting better and better at expressing through words. :)

  4. sherry, "this too shall pass" may sound like cliche' but it is true. the fact that you still get to write positively despite the unfavorable circumstances around you shows how strong you really are.

    "When all your troubles weigh heavily on your shoulders, remember that beneath the burden you can stand tall, because you are never given more than you can handle... and you are stronger than you think." that's a quote i posted on my sidebar and i read it everyday to remind myself how lucky i am. every problem is meant to help and improve us. we grow stronger each time.

    things always get better. :) keep on shining, sherry.

    much love and peace,

  5. Told ya Sherry Blue

    You are turning into a sage :)
    No kidding!

  6. This is a pep talk we all need every now and then...thank you for sharing that. Your Muse is very much present, and is getting cheekier as you go along. Tell her to keep up the good work!

  7. I read Wednesday's post before i read this. I'm going back there to comment, but before I do, blessings, my friend. I know you are strong enough.

  8. Ha! a pretty whiney frail-hearted sage at times! But thank you! All ofyou really shore me up in these weaker moments........which helps me to get a grip and carry on. Thank you all so very much! I will soon be going to pick up Miss Jasmine, who came through surgery very well. She will be happy to get home. Day by day, we will both mend, her tattered bones, my tattered spirits!!!!!

  9. Great being human, eh? Always love reading your words spilt out. Thanks for stopping my page.


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