Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doing Things The Hard Way

This photo, entitled Doing Things the Hard Way, was taken by my daughter-in-law Zenny, minutes after advising her husband (my son Jon) NOT to drive  the truck up this trail, right after he got stuck and had to walk out of the bush to get help! Hee hee. (Methinks, it runs in the family!)

In response to the
Thursday Think Tank Prompt
at Poets United : FEAR

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Why is it
that the
thinking about,
being upset about,
being angry about,
is a thousand times
than the
actual event
I have been
ever is
in reality?

And why
do I not remember
by now?


  1. It's kinda hard to go 'off-roading' while towing a camper!

    (Luckily your daughter-in-law had a handy way to capture the moment)

    Yes, fear is a palpable feeling that needs no other prompting than our own imagination.

  2. Wow. Just this afternoon I met my boss with a work problem. For two weeks I dreaded it; losing sleep with worry. But she couldn't have been nicer. What a relief. This poem is so true and a great insight into fear.

  3. I've felt like SQ - also my son needs to learn this lesson. He fears all new situations - then loves them once they begin. Yet repeats this cycle.

  4. I've been in that position before, except I couldn't back up, LOL. Had to get a man to do that!

  5. It is funny how men (read husbands) tend not to listen to their wives. I have got to say that we have been in similar spots in the past.

  6. Great poem, Sherry, and one I can identify with, inclined as I am to panic prematurely over what is to come!

    I love Zenny's photo...can totally picture Jon telling her not to fret, he has it all under control....:)

  7. have stored all fears in a single poem

  8. Ha ha Sherry, why is it that some people always get to learn the hard way :)


  9. Great thought; Our bodies betray us and release those hormones. Adrenaline sets in and we lose control. I agree no matter how much living we do, we still can come undone~ Once the panic button gets pushed... It is out of our hands~ I can relate to this fear;Well Done!

  10. I totally agree with your thoughts on fear! Love the picture, hahahaha :D

  11. What a great poem with a great truth. " And why do I not remember this by now" really hit me in the gut. I could save myself a lot of fear, worry and angst if I would just remember this poem the next time. The photo put it over the top. Reminds me of a dream I had many times about just such a situation.

  12. The mind is a powerful thing isn't it?....We can think so hard on something that we make it harder than it has to what you did with this one Sherry thought provoking and perfect for the prompt! :-)

  13. Sherry,
    I love your very sensible words.
    However, I still worry!

    Sorry for visiting your page late. I was away for the weekend and just catching up now!
    Best wishes, Eileen


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