Monday, October 18, 2010

A Walk In the Woods in Autumn

Today I went for a walk down one of my favorite trails in Port. I took my camera along so I could take you with me. On the way, I made a couple of stops to record some trees and vines I had noticed, driving around town. The colors are wonderful right now, but some trees are going above and beyond the call of duty, spectacular blazes of final glory  before the winter winds come and blow them away.
This is what I see when I pull up to the corner of my road. When I turn left to go into town, this vista is in my rear view mirror stretching to infinity. I wish I could get that picture.
This valiant little fellow is doing pretty well, for a youngster.

This tree always stuns me as I pass. I call it my Transition Tree, as it reflects all the seasons as it goes through its cyclical changes.

This red vine is a show-stopper. I love the purple blooms at its feet.

Finally I reach Rogers Creek Park. This trail is part of the 25-kilometre Log Train Trail that winds throughout the Valley. One can access this trail from various directions, and its inter-connected offshoots can spit you out at a choice of several destinations.
There is not an old-growth tree to be seen in here. But it is still pretty, and it's what we've got.
We make do.

This little bridge crosses Wolf Creek. Within this Valley, we are rich in waterways. The water in the harbour  is sea water, that arrives in Port along a long channel from the west coast. We have Sproat Lake, Great Central Lake and Cameron Lake in three directions, all big lakes. Many rushing rivers. And numberless small watery swamps, lagoons, creeks, and ponds.  We are very fortunate.

This is an offshoot from Rogers Creek farther down the trail. My step quickens as soon as I can hear rushing water. I so love that sound.


Draped in moss and Old Man's Beard.

Now we are at Rogers Creek proper.

I'm standing on top of the bridge, which leads to trails that go up and away. There are two other trails jutting out in different directions. I have to be sure to choose the right one to spit me back out where my car is parked. Once years ago I got lost in this maze. But not for long!

This channel is new since I was last here. High school students were recruited to assist in upgrading the bridge and water system here, under some governmental directive. This must be fashioned to assist the fish in their migration, as part of the creek where it traveled before being diverted  dries up in summer.

I love these little rock messages, left behind by others enjoying the woods and the creek. My dream is to have an actual Inuukshuk in my yard - gigantic stone beings, used in the north to point the direction to wayfarers.

Heading back home and away. This is the first time in twenty years that I am on a trail without a dog by my side. Pup used to love this trail, but he is too old to even get in the car now. And Jasmine is awaiting her surgery. It was hard to go home smelling of the woods, when they can't go. I passed several other people running their dogs in there today. It was lonely walking without my dogs. But I will have to get used to it.


  1. Hope Jasmine helps you write forest poems again soon. Cool vision of the west.

  2. Sherry, this was lovely, a great guided tour. I also know how hard it is to go on old trails without your dogs.

  3. I love the pictures. We're hikers too. The foliage pictures are wonderful, especially the vine. What amazing color!

    It'll be nice when jasmine can go again. When does she have her surgery?

  4. what beautiful pictures! thank you for sharing them with us. i, too, am enjoying the autumn colors in michigan. some say they need heat all year, i say give me colors!

  5. Even though I live here, I could never get tired of looking at these pictures :D You've done a good job. I think we should jump in the car and head out to Little Qualicum Falls!!!!!!!! Imagine the pics to be taken there? It's also a great writing place :) xx

  6. i enjoyed the tour, sherry! you are fortunate indeed to live in a paradise like that. :)

  7. sherry .. you are truly lucky if your eyes can see these kinds of sights... the mossy giants are simply beautiful... thanks for the pics... and a peek into another world!

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    i have decided to start anew and the new URL is

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    hope to see you in,
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