Thursday, October 7, 2010

To the Complaint Department of the Universe:

[written in response to Poets United Think Tank Prompt: Grumbling & Complaining]

Dear Sir:
It has been brought to my attention that there are a few mundane details of life on this planet
that are not doing well. Would you please have your overseer rectify the following situations?

Global Warming
flash flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, melting icebergs,
toxic spills, landslides etc etc. - you know the drill!

does your support staff have any ideas on
getting famine relief to the people who need the relief
and out of the hands of the overlords? Please advise.

War, Religious and Otherwise
is there some reason why these fundamental issues
continue to be a problem among your personnel?

time's a ticking! Reports, please.  

Leaky condos - our Service Department staff are getting complaints from
the Perennially Pissed Off - Could you please set aside Homelessness,
and  deal with this matter in a pre-emptive fashion?

We would appreciate you taking these matters under your immediate advisement.
Thank you.

The Staff of the Underworld


  1. This was brilliant and so reflects reality at it's worst~ Sad and sorrowful xXx Interesting signature~

  2. A clever format, and all these things are definitely worthy of complaint!

  3. You have made some good complaints. Oh that there would be such a complaint department.

  4. This was all just a chuckle...if there WAS a Complaint Department, I would be far more beseeching, less peremptory. I had to do funny, serious wasnt going to cut it:)

  5. I LOVE your sense of humour! :D Yaa!!

  6. simple and funny yet the truth in these words cannot be downplayed. what a brilliant entry for thursday think tank, sherry!

    thanks for the inspiring words you left on my post. much appreciated! {{{hugsss}}}

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  8. very different and very lovely.It says about you love to make this world a better place to live in...loved it

  9. A brilliant response to the prompt, Sherry. I had such a laugh! My favourite phrase is 'The Perennially Pissed Off'. Classic!

  10. I had fun with it.....Fireblossom, I laughed out loud at your comment. Kerry, I sometimes feel like I provide outreach to the perennially pissed off, hee hee.

  11. glad that you have fun making differences in people's life.
    love your poem!

  12. Sherry just love what you did with this...i love your humor, and heart! :-)

  13. Bang up write here. May I register a few more complaints for you to express ;) Love and Light, Sender

  14. would you volunteer to forward my complaints as well....? smiles really enjoyed reading this - it's a good mixture of seriousness and a twinkling eye

  15. Sherry,
    I don't think you have missed out very much!
    Please add my name to your plea, as it is all good and sensible.
    A wonderful piece of writing Sherry.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  16. Yes, it is a mess...I pray you are heard...does not seem to be getting better...thank for your complaint....bkm

  17. Sherry I do not know how I missed this but I found and I love it!


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